Demand Justice for Wildlife Allegedly Killed and Left to Terrorize Village

Target: Scott Chilton, Chief Constable of Hampshire Police, South East England

Goal: Ensure rigorous prosecution of those allegedly terrorizing a village and its wildlife.

In what appears to be a deeply disturbing display of cruelty and intimidation, a village has reportedly been left to reckon with the aftermath of what is believed to be a series of egregious acts by poachers. Residents reportedly awoke to find the entrance of their community shop in Broughton, Hampshire, besieged by dozens of bloodied hares, with a barn owl and kestrel impaled on the shop’s door handles. It seems the sinister tableau, smeared with animal blood and guts, was meant to serve as a macabre message from those involved in these acts, aiming to instill fear and discourage any interference with their illegal activities.

Further incidents have reportedly seen a variety of wild creatures including rabbits, pheasants, deer, and other birds of prey discarded in surrounding areas, with one particularly appalling collection of 27 rabbits found outside a primary school. The alleged perpetrators are thought to be connected to gangs engaging in illegal hunting, utilizing firearms and aggressive dogs, and broadcasting their acts on social media platforms for gambling purposes. This level of anarchy has been met with what appears to be an insufficient response from local authorities, leaving the community feeling vulnerable and disregarded.

The necessity for change is glaringly apparent. Not only must there be a concerted effort to hold these alleged offenders accountable, but there must also be a broader initiative to safeguard rural communities and their surrounding wildlife from such brazen acts of cruelty and intimidation. Their alleged disregard for life, both human and animal, cannot go unpunished. The community’s sense of safety and respect for wildlife must be restored through decisive legal measures. Demand immediate, thorough legal action against those purportedly responsible for these heinous acts.


Dear Chief Constable Scott Chilton,

The alarming frequency and severity of incidents involving the apparent dumping of dead animals in and around Broughton, Hampshire, have left the local community in a state of shock and fear. The entrance to a communal hub was grotesquely adorned with the carcasses of dozens of hares, a barn owl, and a kestrel, in a clear attempt to intimidate and terrorize residents, according to reports. These acts of alleged poaching are believed to be messages from those involved, aiming to dissuade any interference in their illegal activities. Such an apparent flagrant display of cruelty and disregard for both wildlife and community well-being demands your immediate attention and action.

Moreover, the recurrence of such events, including the disturbing discovery of 27 rabbits outside a primary school, underscores the urgency with which these matters must be addressed. Alleged connections between the perpetrators and international gambling syndicates, coupled with the brazen broadcasting of their illegal hunts, suggest a deeply rooted issue that extends beyond local boundaries. The community’s pleas for help seem to have been met with limited response, exacerbating feelings of helplessness and frustration among those directly affected.

We urge you to prioritize the investigation into these alleged acts of poaching and to employ all available resources to bring those responsible to justice. A clear message must be sent: such disregard for life and community safety will not be tolerated. By taking decisive action, you have the opportunity to restore faith in local law enforcement and affirm the rights of rural communities to live without the threat of intimidation and violence.

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Photo credit: Hanna Knutsson

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