Stop Alleged Illegal Hunting Near Children’s School

Target: José Garza, District Attorney of Travis County, Texas

Goal: Ensure legal action against those allegedly involved in illegal hunting activities.

In a serene corner of East Austin, an allegedly disturbing series of events unfolded, shattering the peace of a local school community. Allegations of illegal hunting within the John Treviño Jr. Metropolitan Park have emerged, with nearby Austin Discovery School’s routine disrupted by the echoing sounds of gunfire. This alleged situation, described in reports, not only caused fear and uncertainty but also led to several lockdowns, impacting the students’ sense of safety and altering outdoor school activities.

Further investigations reportedly identified five individuals who admitted to hunting on the property. These apparent actions, taken in a space not yet open to the public and adjacent to an educational institution, showcase a blatant disregard for both legal boundaries and community well-being. With plans to develop part of this parkland for public use, the necessity for a safe and secure environment becomes even more paramount.

The alleged illegal activities have spurred calls for justice and accountability. The community’s plea for peace and safety in their local park and school underscores the urgent need for action. Demand a swift legal response to these allegations to protect our communities, wildlife, and the sanctity of public spaces.


Dear DA José Garza,

The tranquility of East Austin’s community and the safety of its children have been jeopardized by alleged illegal hunting activities within John Treviño Jr. Metropolitan Park. Reports of gunfire near Austin Discovery School have not only disrupted educational activities but also instilled fear in students and faculty alike. The school’s proximity to the park and its resulting lockdowns highlight the direct impact of these alleged actions on our community’s well-being.

Allegations against five individuals, who have reportedly admitted to hunting on this property, raise serious concerns about respect for legal restrictions and the safety of our community spaces. Such disregard for the law and community safety cannot go unanswered. It is crucial that these allegations are met with appropriate legal scrutiny and that measures are taken to ensure the protection of our public spaces and the safety of adjacent communities.

Therefore, we call upon your office to take decisive legal action against those allegedly involved in these hunting activities. By holding them accountable, we can restore a sense of safety and security to our community and deter similar behavior in the future. Let this action affirm our commitment to the protection of public spaces, wildlife, and the well-being of our communities.


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Photo credit: Gregory Skylar454

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  1. Hunting illegally and doing it near a school? Why aren’t these lowlifes already behind bars? Reckless and deliberate endangerment of school age children and poaching wildlife is how sociopaths act, they are danger to the community and should spend some tine in jail, forfeit their guns and pay some hefty fines. They are trash, treat them appropriately.

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