Demand Justice for Sheepdog Allegedly Abandoned in Snowstorm

Target: Raymond A. Tierney, Suffolk County District Attorney, New York State

Goal: Secure legal consequences for sheepdog allegedly left without shelter, food, or water in a snowstorm.

In a distressing incident in Brentwood, Suffolk County, a sheepdog named Sebastian reportedly found himself ensnared in a chilling snowstorm with no escape. Allegedly lacking necessities such as food, water, or shelter, the four-year-old canine’s situation paints a grim picture of neglect. Allegations point towards Jessica Zambrana, 30, for this neglect, igniting widespread condemnation.

Further investigation by the Suffolk County SPCA has led to multiple animal cruelty charges against Zambrana. These charges highlight the severity of Sebastian’s apparent plight, left to brave the harsh elements alone. Such alleged acts of cruelty underscore the urgent need for awareness and action against animal neglect in our communities.

This alleged incident not only sheds light on the immediate suffering of Sebastian but also the broader issue of animal welfare in Suffolk County. The call for justice isn’t merely for punishment but for a significant shift towards better treatment of all animals. Demand that the Suffolk County District Attorney takes decisive action to ensure that such neglect faces strict legal consequences. This will send a clear message: animal cruelty has no place here.


Dear DA Raymond A. Tierney,

The recent charges filed by the Suffolk County SPCA against Jessica Zambrana for allegedly neglecting Sebastian, a four-year-old sheepdog, during a snowstorm have brought to light a deeply troubling issue of animal welfare in our community. Allegedly leaving Sebastian without food, water, or shelter amidst harsh weather conditions is a stark reminder of the cruelty animals can face. Such neglect not only endangers the well-being of the animal but also sets a dangerous precedent for others to follow.

Sebastian’s ordeal has sparked outrage and a strong call for justice from the community. This case must be treated with the seriousness it deserves, ensuring that any form of animal neglect is met with stringent legal consequences. By holding individuals accountable for their actions, we can deter future acts of cruelty and foster a culture of compassion and responsibility towards animals.

Therefore, we urge you to take swift and decisive action in prosecuting the alleged neglect faced by Sebastian. Ensuring justice is served not only provides a measure of redress for Sebastian but also signals our collective commitment to protecting the most vulnerable among us. Let us stand together against animal cruelty and affirm that such acts will not be tolerated in Suffolk County.

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Photo credit: Flickr

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  1. Sherry Akridge says:

    Jessica Zambrana is human garbage! She is disgusting! I am glad that Sebastian is removed from her, it says he is available for adoption. She deserves to rot! How could any human subject an animal to that kind of weather. She deserves jail time.

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