Seek Stronger Penalties for Premeditated Cases of Animal Cruelty

Target: Ki Seok Chang, Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Jeju District Public Prosecutors’ Office, South Korea

Goal: Enforce stricter penalties for animal cruelty.

In a shocking incident on Jeju Island, a stray dog fell victim to a brutal attack, allegedly out of revenge. According to reports, a man in his 40s shot the dog with an arrow, claiming the animal had previously killed his chickens. Found wandering with the arrow lodged in his spine, the dog’s plight sparked outrage and a call for justice.

Further investigation revealed the man had reportedly prepared for this act, buying 20 arrows and crafting a bow with wood and fishing wire. This alleged premeditation highlights a disturbing level of intent. Testimonies, surgical photos, and the recovered arrow served as key evidence in court, leading to the man’s conviction. Yet, the question remains if the legal response was adequate.

The survival and recovery of the dog, now named Cheonji, symbolize hope and resilience. His adoption and new life in New York mark a happy ending to a harrowing tale. However, this incident underlines the need for more stringent laws against animal cruelty. Demand immediate action to prevent future acts of violence against innocent animals.


Dear Prosecutor Ki Seok Chang,

An allegedly heart-wrenching incident on Jeju Island has captured the attention of concerned citizens worldwide. A man, reportedly in a disturbing act of revenge, shot a stray dog with an arrow, seriously injuring the animal. The evidence presented, including witness testimonies and photos from the dog’s surgery, led to a conviction, signaling a clear breach of animal protection laws.

This case, while resulting in legal action, raises significant concerns about the adequacy of current penalties for animal cruelty. The allegedly premeditated nature of this attack, demonstrated by the purchase of arrows and the crafting of a bow, showcases a glaring loophole in our legal framework that allows such acts of violence to be met with relatively lenient consequences.

We urge you to consider this case as a catalyst for change. Stricter legal penalties for acts of animal cruelty are essential to serve as both a deterrent and a statement of our societal values. Cheonji’s story, from near death to recovery and adoption, illustrates not only the resilience of the innocent but also the power of compassion. Our legal system must reflect these values by imposing more severe punishments on those who choose to harm animals.


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Photo credit: Josh McGinn

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  1. Sherry Akridge says:

    Stronger penalties for ALL ANIMAL ABUSE! Nothing less!
    Animal abuse is getting worse and worse every day! Stronger penalties needed to be in place a long time ago!

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