Stop Killing Roosters for Human Entertainment

Target: Jeffrey S. Blitz, Atlantic County Prosecutor, New Jersey

Goal: Ensure rigorous prosecution of individuals allegedly involved in the cockfighting ring.

A shocking discovery was made in Galloway Twp., New Jersey, unveiling the distressing reality of an alleged illegal cockfighting operation. Authorities charged fifty individuals after police investigations reportedly revealed around fifty roosters trapped in carriers, bags, and boxes under inhumane conditions. This operation, described by Lt. Mark D’Esposito of the Galloway Twp. Police Department as “clearly a well-planned organized operation,” exposes the dark underbelly of animal cruelty within our community.

Further investigations brought to light the grim tools of this barbaric sport—blades, both metal and plastic, were reportedly attached to the roosters’ legs, turning them into unwilling combatants in a fight to the death for human entertainment. The reported discovery of $37,000 in cash on the premises implicates the operation in not only animal cruelty but also in illicit gambling activities. The homeowner, Jose Madera, faces charges including animal cruelty, possession of a controlled substance, and destroying evidence, highlighting the multifaceted criminality of the situation.

The necessity for legal action against those implicated in this heinous act cannot be overstated. Animal cruelty, especially of this apparently organized and premeditated nature, must be met with the full force of the law to deter future occurrences and to signal our societal condemnation of such barbarity. Demand rigorous prosecution of all individuals allegedly involved in this cruel operation, ensuring they face consequences commensurate with their actions.


Dear Prosecutor Jeffrey S. Blitz,

The recent uncovering of an alleged illegal cockfighting operation in Galloway Twp., New Jersey, has shocked and appalled our community. With fifty roosters reportedly found in various states of distress and the revelation of combat tools attached to these innocent animals, it’s apparent this operation was not only a grave act of animal cruelty but also a significant criminal enterprise. The reported involvement of a considerable sum of money further indicates the operation’s scale and the dire need for a decisive legal response.

The charges against Jose Madera and the fifty individuals allegedly participating in this operation mark a crucial step towards justice for the victims of this cruelty. However, this case should also serve as a watershed moment for our legal system to underscore the severity of animal cruelty and related crimes. We urge you to pursue the maximum possible penalties for all those involved, reflecting the community’s denouncement of such barbaric acts and our collective demand for justice and animal welfare.

This petition represents a call from concerned citizens for a robust legal stance against animal cruelty and illegal gambling operations masquerading as entertainment. By ensuring stringent legal repercussions for those allegedly involved in this cockfighting ring, you will be affirming our societal values of compassion, justice, and the rule of law. We implore you to act decisively and ensure this case sets a precedent for the treatment of similar crimes in the future.


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Photo credit: Andrew Patrick

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