Take Action Against Euthanization of XL Bully Puppy After Alleged Abuse

Target: Jonathan Storer, Chief Crown Prosecutor, Merseyside, England

Goal: Investigate and hold accountable those allegedly responsible for the hasty and improper euthanization of Esco, ensuring adherence to legal procedures.

Recent events have spotlighted the tragic fate of an XL Bully puppy named Esco, allegedly subjected to abuse and ultimately euthanized in what appears to be a breach of legal protocol. Claims have surfaced, suggesting that Esco was denied the chance for a legal exemption that could have spared his life, igniting concerns over the procedures followed by authorities. This alleged incident not only highlights potential misconduct but also stresses the importance of stringent adherence to legal frameworks designed to protect animals’ rights.

Further details reveal Esco’s allegedly dire condition upon being handed over to a rescue center, showcasing cuts and a head wound, indicative of severe mistreatment. Despite these alarming signs, it’s alleged that less than 24 hours after being seized by police, Esco was euthanized without pursuing a court-ordered destruction order or exploring alternative legal avenues for his care. This rapid action raises questions about the diligence and compassion exercised in handling vulnerable animals, underscoring the need for a thorough investigation into the practices of those involved.

The urgency of this petition stems from the broader implications of Esco’s case, shedding light on the potential for systemic flaws in the enforcement of animal welfare laws. By demanding a comprehensive review and accountability, justice will be served not only for Esco but also to all animals who deserve fair treatment under the law. Call for immediate action to address these concerns, reinforcing the importance of legal compliance and the welfare of all animals.


Dear Jonathan Storer,

We write to express our profound concern over the alleged mishandling and subsequent euthanization of an XL Bully puppy named Esco. Reports suggest that Esco was euthanized without the necessary legal procedures being followed, specifically the lack of a court-ordered destruction order. This allegedly hasty decision, made without exploring all legal avenues for Esco’s welfare, represents a grave oversight in the protection and treatment of animals under your jurisdiction.

Esco’s story is not just about one dog but underscores a potentially systemic issue within the processes intended to safeguard animal welfare. Allegedly seized in a state indicative of abuse, and then euthanized with what appears to be undue haste, Esco’s case highlights the need for rigorous adherence to legal protocols and the exploration of all possible measures to ensure an animal’s welfare before making irreversible decisions. The alleged absence of due diligence and consideration for alternative legal options, as the law permits, demands immediate attention and rectification.

Thus, we urge you to conduct a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding Esco’s euthanization, ensuring accountability for any lapses in procedure or judgment. Furthermore, we demand a review of current practices to prevent similar occurrences in the future, ensuring that all animals receive the protection and consideration they rightfully deserve under the law. It is imperative that we uphold the highest standards of care and legal compliance in all matters concerning animal welfare.


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Photo credit: Josie Clark

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