Seek Justice for Bison Reportedly Killed and Decapitated

Target: Jack Thorp, District Attorney of District 27 (Tahlequah)

Goal: Ensure those allegedly responsible for the bison cruelty in Tahlequah face legal consequences

In November, a heinous act shocked the Tahlequah community when an owner discovered two of his bison had met tragic ends. Reportedly, one animal was not only killed but decapitated, a disturbing testament to the alleged cruelty inflicted. Such acts not only cause immense suffering to innocent animals but also tear at the fabric of our collective humanity, demanding swift and decisive legal action.

Investigators quickly focused their efforts, leading to the arrest of two individuals this week. They face serious allegations, including two felony counts of cruelty to animals and one count of grand larceny. Despite these grave charges, both were able to secure their release from custody through a bond payment. This development adds urgency to our call for justice, underscoring the need for a rigorous legal response to ensure such alleged barbarity is not left unpunished.

The alleged actions of these suspects not only robbed a caretaker of his cherished animals but also struck a blow against our shared values of compassion and respect for life. Only through a clear message that such alleged acts of cruelty will meet with stern repercussions can we hope to deter future instances of such senseless violence. Demand accountability and push for a thorough examination of the facts by legal authorities.


Dear Attorney Jack Thorp,

A disturbing incident in Tahlequah has captured the attention and concern of many, following the reported discovery of two bison cruelly killed, one decapitated, in an apparent act of wanton cruelty. This shocking event, beyond its immediate brutality, challenges our societal norms and our collective expectation of justice for the voiceless. We urge you to take decisive action, ensuring those allegedly responsible are held to account for their actions.

The severity of these allegations – two counts of animal cruelty and one of grand larceny – speaks to the need for a determined legal response. With the suspects having been arrested and subsequently released on bond, the community’s eyes are now fixed on the judicial process, awaiting a fair and rigorous pursuit of justice. This case presents an opportunity to reaffirm our societal commitment to protecting all living beings from such alleged acts of violence and to underscore the seriousness with which we treat allegations of animal cruelty.

We call upon you, with the utmost respect for your position and responsibilities, to prioritize this case. Ensuring a comprehensive examination of the allegations and, if warranted by the facts, pursuing the maximum penalties allowed by law. Such actions are not merely a response to a single incident but a stand against all forms of cruelty and a statement of our collective values. Let us demonstrate that in our community, such alleged acts of barbarity will not be tolerated and will be met with the full force of the law.


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Photo credit: Dan Dzurisin

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