Demand Justice for Cats Allegedly Found Overwhelmed by Flea Infestation

Target: Jane E. Young, the 58th United States Attorney for the District of New Hampshire, New Hampshire

Goal: Ensure legal accountability for man accused of letting cat languish in a flea-infested, urine-soaked house.

In a heart-wrenching discovery at a Londonderry condominium, authorities found five deceased felines amidst a severe flea infestation, spotlighting a grave case of alleged animal neglect. This incident, reportedly involving Robert Gerhold, underscores an allegedly chilling neglect of animal welfare, with seven charges of animal cruelty and breach of bail conditions leveled against him. Gerhold was previously restricted from animal ownership due to a 2023 case, underscoring a pattern of disregard for animal well-being.

Further investigations reportedly revealed two surviving cats in deplorable conditions, battling a visible flea invasion without any sign of medical care. This grim scenario was unearthed after neighbors raised alarms over the apparent flea infestation and the stench of cat urine, prompting police intervention. The five deceased cats were discovered in a basement container, shrouded in fleas, presenting a stark suspicion of neglect and suffering.

This case not only highlights alleged repeated offenses by Gerhold but also the urgent need for stringent legal action to prevent future animal cruelty. The distressing pattern of behavior, from seemingly abandoning 14 cats in a foreclosed home to the recent findings, calls for a firm legal stance. Demand immediate and decisive legal action against those allegedly responsible for this cruelty, ensuring such neglect faces full accountability.


Dear Attorney Jane E. Young,

We reach out to you today, deeply disturbed by the recent findings in a Londonderry condominium, where authorities discovered five dead cats in conditions that speak volumes of alleged neglect and cruelty. This situation, reportedly involving Robert Gerhold, raises severe concerns about animal welfare and the enforcement of legal protections against animal cruelty. With a history of similar allegations, it’s imperative that this case does not simply fade into the annals of forgotten incidents but serves as a turning point in our legal approach to animal welfare.

The surviving cats, reportedly found in conditions no living being should ever endure, alongside the deceased ones, are a testament to the alleged neglect that demands your attention and action. This case not only sheds light on the plight of these animals but also reflects broader issues of animal welfare and the consequences of inaction. We urge you to consider the gravity of these allegations, the pattern of behavior exhibited by Gerhold, and the message that leniency would send to others.

Thus, we demand thorough legal proceedings against those allegedly responsible for this cruelty. It is essential that our community sees a commitment to justice and the protection of the most vulnerable among us. Let this case not just be another statistic but a catalyst for change, ensuring stringent legal action and deterrents against future acts of animal cruelty.


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Photo credit: Francesco Canu

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