Dogs Allegedly Killed in Overheated Kennel Deserve Justice

Target: Louis Marshall, Bonner County Prosecutor, Idaho

Goal: Ensure strict legal action against alleged negligence leading to the tragic death of dogs.

In a distressing incident in Bonner County, Idaho, five dogs, including a Post Falls Police Department K9, reportedly succumbed to heat exhaustion in an allegedly overheated kennel. This tragic event, seemingly a result of negligence, has prompted an urgent call for justice. The owner of the facility, facing multiple counts of animal cruelty, is accused of creating conditions that led to this heartbreaking outcome.

Louis Joaquin Winer, the operator of Titan K9s, allegedly placed the dogs in a shed with inadequate cooling measures. The portable air conditioner meant to regulate the shed’s temperature malfunctioned, allegedly causing exhaust to fill the space. This, coupled with a lack of water and proper ventilation, reportedly resulted in fatal conditions for the dogs. Such details, if accurate, underscore a disturbing lack of care and foresight, emphasizing the need for accountability.

This alleged oversight not only cost the lives of these animals but also raises serious concerns about the standards of animal boarding facilities. The demand for change is clear: stricter regulations and oversight to prevent such alleged negligence in the future. Accountability for those allegedly responsible is not just a matter of justice for the dogs lost but a step towards ensuring such tragedies are not repeated. Take action now.


Dear Prosecutor Louis Marshall,

The recent incident involving the alleged deaths of five dogs due to overheated conditions in a boarding facility in Bonner County has shocked and saddened the community. It is reported that Louis Joaquin Winer, the owner of the facility, faces charges of animal cruelty. This case, if the allegations are true, highlights a grave oversight and negligence that cannot be overlooked.

The details of the incident, as alleged, suggest a disturbing lack of care for the well-being of the animals entrusted to the facility. A failure to ensure a safe environment, coupled with the lack of adequate water and proper ventilation allegedly led to this tragic outcome. Such alleged actions, or lack thereof, demand a thorough investigation and appropriate legal response.

We urge you to pursue strict legal action against the apparent negligence that led to the heartbreaking death of these dogs. This case not only concerns the loss of valuable canine lives but also speaks to the broader issue of animal welfare within our community. A strong message must be sent regarding the seriousness of such allegations and the need for accountability.


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Photo credit: UN Geneva


  1. Jo Alberson says:

    You should have been checking on these animals, you are a pce of crap. I hope they throw the book at you killing a police dog is a felony offense if i am not mistaken and you deserve it and never should be able to have or train dogs again, what a horrible excuse of a human being .. put this dirt bag under the prison

  2. Sherry Akridge says:

    Louis Joaquin Winer, the operator of Titan K9s, needs to be prosecuted, held accountable for his actions! Five dogs! Heat exhaustion, lack of water, and ventilation. He deserves to suffer for what he did to those dogs. Pure evil.

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