Pony Allegedly Killed and Decapitated Deserves Justice

Target: Isidro R. Alaniz, District Attorney of Webb County, Texas

Goal: Prosecute and punish the individual allegedly responsible for the brutal killing and abuse of a pony and a donkey.

Gruesome events on a ranch led to the deaths of innocent farm animals under distressing circumstances, reports state. Ricardo Segura Jr., 22, faces allegations of causing blunt force trauma to a pony and a donkey, with one animal allegedly decapitated and another with disturbing signs of abuse. This appalling situation, reportedly discovered at Leyendecker Ranch, has shocked the community and demands a stringent legal response.

Further investigations into these alleged crimes have unveiled more chilling details. Tools believed to be used in these acts, including a pickaxe and knives, were found near the animals, some with traces of blood and hair. Allegations of sexual abuse have also emerged, with unsettling evidence found at the scene. These descriptions not only paint a picture of extreme violence but also raise serious concerns about the mental state and intentions of the alleged perpetrator.

This case not only involves the allegedly heinous treatment of animals but also raises significant questions about security, mental health, and the capacity of our legal system to adequately respond to such brutality. The alleged acts of Ricardo Segura Jr. not only demand swift legal action but also a broader societal reflection on the prevention of such atrocities. Call for his immediate prosecution and the full extent of legal punishment to be applied, ensuring that justice is served for the voiceless victims of these alleged crimes.


Dear DA Isidro R. Alaniz,

We write to you amidst a wave of public outrage and heartache, following the horrific discoveries at Leyendecker Ranch. The allegations against Ricardo Segura Jr., involving the brutal killing and possible abuse of a pony and a donkey, have left our community in shock and disbelief. The details reported from the investigation—animals allegedly found with blunt force trauma, one grotesquely decapitated, alongside disturbing signs of abuse—call for more than mere concern; they demand action.

The evidence, including tools potentially used in these vile acts and the reported sexual abuse of the animals, paints a horrifying picture of cruelty that must not go unpunished. These allegations, if proven true, represent not only a profound moral failure but a grave legal offense that our society cannot tolerate. As the legal protector of our community’s safety and moral integrity, we urge you to ensure that these allegations are met with the full force of the law.

The urgency and severity of this situation cannot be overstated. We demand that you take immediate steps to prosecute Ricardo Segura Jr. to the fullest extent possible under the law. Our community looks to you for justice in the face of unspeakable cruelty, trusting in your commitment to uphold the law and protect the most vulnerable among us. Let this case serve as a stark reminder of the consequences of such barbarity and as a testament to our collective resolve to stand against it.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Sherry Akridge says:

    Ricardo Segura Jr. needs to be locked away for good. The details of what he did to that poor donkey and pony, are horrific and disgusting! Crimes against animals are getting worse and worse everyday! These psychopaths are not being locked up and put away for good. The crimes just keep happening! What is wrong with this world, when people can’t recognize that it will never change, until these sick perverted devils are put away.

  2. Irene Leggett says:

    Make sure this vile, depraved person is locked away forever, also as these animals were subjected to sexual abuse make sure this POS is castrated as next time his victim may be a child.

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