Ensure Justice for Alleged Dog Abuse Incident Captured on Camera

Target: Todd Spitzer, Orange County District Attorney

Goal: Ensure rigorous prosecution for the alleged abuse of a terrier mix.

In a disturbing turn of events, a terrier mix reportedly endured abuse at the hands of an individual in Anaheim. Witnesses and social media users were shocked by footage allegedly showcasing this cruel treatment. The community’s outcry was immediate, calling for accountability and justice for the vulnerable animal involved.

Upon receiving reports of the distressing incident, Orange County Animal Care intervened promptly. They seized the dog, ensuring it received the necessary medical evaluation at a local animal hospital. This action underscores the gravity of the situation and the immediate need for intervention to safeguard the well-being of at-risk animals. The accused, Maynard Allen, was arrested, highlighting the serious legal implications of such actions against defenseless animals.

This case has not only shed light on the alleged act of cruelty but also on the broader issue of animal welfare and the need for stronger enforcement of laws protecting animals. This situation must catalyze change, ensuring that individuals who engage in such reprehensible acts face the full extent of the law. Demand thorough and unyielding legal proceedings against the accused to set a precedent that animal abuse will not be tolerated.


Dear DA Todd Spitzer,

The recent arrest related to the alleged abuse of a terrier mix in Anaheim has captured the community’s attention and concern. Reports and social media footage have brought to light the disturbing treatment this animal apparently endured, prompting a swift response from both the public and authorities. This case represents not only an opportunity to seek justice for one animal but also to reinforce the message that our community does not tolerate such acts of cruelty.

The actions taken by Orange County Animal Care and the Anaheim Police Department in responding to this incident are commendable. However, this case must be pursued with the utmost seriousness to ensure that it serves as a deterrent to potential future offenders. The alleged abuse of a defenseless animal must be met with a robust legal response, underscoring our society’s commitment to protecting those who cannot defend themselves.

We, therefore, urge you to ensure that this case is prosecuted vigorously and that if found guilty, the perpetrator faces a penalty commensurate with the gravity of the alleged offense. This will send a clear message that animal abuse is a serious crime that carries significant consequences. Our community looks to your office to uphold justice and the values we hold dear regarding the treatment of all living beings.


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Photo credit: Eric Sonstroem


  1. Individuals who engage in such reprehensible acts must face the full extent of the law. If the law is weak make it stronger or get rid of it altogether and allow people to kill others without mercy. Could this happen? I think so with the way the world is turning today. Week laws means no punishment for the guilty. That angers the better among us. No justice means more murder and uncivilized behavior. Society lives by laws for all. There can be no exceptions and if such are found God have mercy on those wrecked beings. If laws are weak, mobs will take over. Good government based on truth and respect stops such ill tidings from ever taking place. We do need strong laws and a steadfast legal system, or we have nothing, and this includes the Supreme Court!

  2. Sherry Akridge says:

    I saw the video, it is heartbreaking. He keeps saying, he has the right to hit the dog. WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP!! I admire the people in the car, that stopped, actually got out of the car, the man and woman confronting him. The world needs more people like these two people that got involved!
    Put that low life piece of crap away. He does not deserve to breathe.

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