Punish Those Allegedly Involved in Death of Cat Due to Barbaric Abuse

Target: Brian Holohan, Commonwealth’s Attorney of Roanoke, Virginia

Goal: Ensure legal action against those allegedly responsible for the brutal abuse of a cat named Rippley.

A distressing incident came to light involving a cat named Rippley, who reportedly suffered from barbaric abuse leading to an untimely death. Veterinarians to Cats, upon receiving a call about the cat’s condition, claim to have discovered injuries so severe that they prompted an immediate and grave concern. The case allegedly involves cruel mistreatment where an object was forcibly inserted into Rippley, causing extensive internal damage.

Further examination reportedly revealed more injuries, including bruising on Rippley’s back legs, which veterinarians suspect resulted from being harshly held to prevent resistance. This horrifying scenario suggests the cat endured not only physical pain but also unimaginable terror during the ordeal. The depth of cruelty apparently displayed raises urgent questions about the perpetrators’ disregard for life and the potential danger they pose to other community members and their pets.

The necessity of justice in this case cannot be overstated. Those allegedly responsible must be identified and face legal consequences for their actions, serving as a deterrent to similar acts of cruelty. Advocate not only for Rippley but also for the broader community’s safety and moral integrity.


Dear Attorney Brian Holohan,

We write to you deeply troubled by a case involving alleged severe animal abuse within your jurisdiction. A cat named Rippley reportedly suffered horrifically, resulting in injuries so grave that they led to the animal’s death. This case, as described by Veterinarians to Cats, involves alleged acts of cruelty that shock the conscience and call for urgent legal scrutiny.

The details, as reported, suggest a deliberate and barbaric act of violence against a defenseless animal. Rippley’s alleged injuries, including those consistent with being restrained and an object forcibly inserted, indicate a level of malice that must not go unanswered. The alleged facts of this case not only demand justice for Rippley but also prompt serious concerns for the safety and welfare of other animals and community members.

In light of these apparent atrocities, we urge you to take all necessary steps to investigate this case thoroughly and pursue legal action against those allegedly responsible. Ensuring accountability in this instance is crucial for upholding the rule of law and demonstrating a commitment to justice and the protection of all beings from such senseless acts of cruelty.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Colby Stopa


  1. Michelle Kang says:

    This is absolutely sickening. These individuals need to be caught and arrested!

  2. Mary Young says:

    Hell there’s not one fucking judge that gonna stand up to any of these bastard what should be done is to stick a metal bar up the asses of the bastards that killed that cat are a bullet point blank between there fucking eyes 👀

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