Dozens of Dogs Apparently Left Starving to Death in Abandoned Houses Deserve Justice

Target: Michael C. O’Malley, District Attorney of Cuyahoga County, Ohio

Goal: Ensure legal action against those allegedly responsible for severe neglect and cruelty towards dozens of dogs.

Recent events uncovered in Parma, Ohio, have revealed a disturbing tale of alleged neglect and cruelty towards animals, drawing widespread condemnation and an outcry for justice. Allegedly, 36 dogs were discovered in dire straits within a residence, a scenario described as nothing short of horrific. These animals, including a cattle dog/husky mix named Tahoe, and a beagle named Sophie, purportedly suffered from extreme malnutrition and abandonment. This incident has cast a shadow over the community, emphasizing an urgent need for systemic changes to prevent such alleged abuse.

Further distressing is the claim that the decomposing remains of 146 dogs were found in another location tied to the same individual responsible for the Parma home. The alleged circumstances suggest these animals were confined, starved, and utterly neglected. The stark contrast between their reported conditions and their eventual rescue paints a vivid picture of suffering that demands action. The public’s reaction has been one of horror, empathy for the survivors, and a unanimous call for accountability.

The imperative for change is clear. This petition seeks to compel legal authorities to take decisive action against those allegedly responsible for such egregious acts of cruelty. The reported events underscore a significant gap in the protection and welfare of animals. Address this specific incident and set a precedent that animal neglect and cruelty will not be tolerated.


Dear DA Michael C. O’Malley,

The community is reeling from the shocking discovery of 36 dogs reportedly found in appalling conditions in Parma, Ohio. This case, alongside the even more disturbing reported find of 146 dogs’ remains in Mantua, has spotlighted an urgent issue within our society—alleged animal neglect and cruelty on a disturbing scale. The fact that these dogs, like Tahoe and Sophie, were allegedly left to suffer in confinement without basic necessities such as food or water, points to a severe lapse in compassion and responsibility.

The legal system has the power and duty to address these alleged wrongdoings. While the primary suspect in this case has since passed, leaving many questions unanswered and justice hanging in the balance, it remains crucial that we pursue accountability wherever possible. This includes scrutinizing and taking action against any accomplices or systemic failures that may have allowed such neglect to occur unchecked. The survivors of this ordeal, now thankfully rehomed, symbolize both the resilience of the spirit and the dire consequences of inaction.

We, therefore, urge you to utilize the full extent of your authority to ensure that justice is served for the alleged victims of this profound neglect. By taking a firm stance against such acts, you have the opportunity to affirm our community’s commitment to compassion, justice, and the welfare of all beings. Let this case serve as a deterrent to potential future acts of cruelty and as a call to action for improved animal welfare laws and enforcement.


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  1. Cynthia A Pisarcik says:

    There MUST be punishment for these idiots who treated these INNOCENT animals this cruel way !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They NEED to be punished to the full extent of the law !!!!

    They should be given same treatment they gave to these innocent dogs !!!!!!!

  2. Mary Young says:

    Kill the ones that did this cause the damn judges won’t do shit about so just get the persons and put a bullet between there eyes and save the tax payer money

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