Demand Justice for Animals Allegedly Facing Life-Threatening Actions in Grooming Salon

Target: Ashley Moody, Florida State Attorney

Goal: Prosecute a groomer for the alleged abuse and mistreatment of animals in her care.

In a distressing revelation, a grooming salon in Florida has become the center of alleged animal abuse, raising grave concerns among pet owners and animal rights advocates alike. Diana Stevens, a 41-year-old groomer, reportedly lost control over her temper, resulting in the allegedly brutal treatment of pets under her care at Woof Gang Bakery and Dog Grooming franchise. Witness accounts and surveillance footage have brought to light the seemingly horrifying conditions these animals faced, which included alleged physical abuse and neglect.

According to police affidavits and witness testimonies, Stevens was seen and heard expressing aggression towards the pets. In one instance, a golden doodle, described as being difficult during its bath, was allegedly punched multiple times by Stevens in the ribs and abdomen while she cursed at the terrified animal. Another account describes a chilling scene where a dog, after having a noose tightened around its neck, was reportedly yanked up and suspended in the air, spinning helplessly as Stevens struck it. These alleged acts of cruelty were not isolated to dogs; cats too were reportedly handled with extreme harshness, including being jerked around and tethered in ways that could potentially break their necks. Moreover, Stevens’ care for French bulldog puppies was allegedly negligent, leading to the death of a puppy left overnight in unsanitary conditions.

The allegations against Stevens paint a picture of a deeply troubling environment for animals entrusted to her care, where their well-being and safety were compromised. This petition calls for immediate legal action to be taken against Diana Stevens for her alleged misconduct. The evidence, as reported, suggests a pattern of behavior that not only endangers the lives of animals but also violates their rights to humane treatment. Ensure such cruelty does not go unpunished and to prevent future occurrences in the pet care industry.


Dear Attorney Ashley Moody,

We, concerned citizens and advocates for animal rights, urge you to take immediate and decisive action in the case of alleged animal abuse at a grooming salon in Sarasota, Florida. The individual at the center of these allegations, Diana Stevens, has reportedly engaged in behavior that is not only unacceptable but also potentially criminal, as detailed in police affidavits and supported by witness testimony and surveillance footage. The alleged acts of violence and neglect against pets in her care have shocked and outraged the community, highlighting a significant failure to protect these vulnerable animals.

The accounts of Stevens’ alleged conduct include severe physical abuse of a golden doodle, a distressing incident where a dog was suspended by its neck and hit, and the rough handling of cats in a manner that could cause serious injury. Additionally, her alleged negligence towards French bulldog puppies, one of which died in seemingly unsanitary conditions, further exemplifies a disregard for the lives and welfare of the animals entrusted to her. Such alleged actions betray the trust placed in pet care professionals and undermine the standards of compassion and care that should be upheld in such settings.

We respectfully demand that your office take swift action to investigate these allegations and, if substantiated, prosecute Diana Stevens to the fullest extent of the law. A clear message must be sent to pet care providers and the public at large that animal abuse will not be tolerated. By holding those responsible for such alleged acts accountable, we can work towards a safer, more humane community for all living beings.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Gustavo Fring

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