Demand Justice for Animals Allegedly Killed in Catapult Attacks

Target: Zac Goldsmith, Minister for animal welfare and forests – UK

Goal: Enforce stricter regulations and penalties on the use of catapults to prevent animal cruelty.

Allegations have surfaced of a macabre pastime among youths, where catapults reportedly become tools of torture against innocent animals. This cruel hobby, unveiled by investigative efforts, highlights a disturbing network across the UK, reportedly with participants including children of primary school age. These youngsters allegedly share graphic content of their actions on WhatsApp, displaying an unsettling disregard for life.

The reported incidents involve animals shot, maimed, or killed with these handheld weapons, followed by further abuse. Such brutality is not only heartbreaking but sheds light on a sinister form of entertainment among certain groups. The RSPCA and other animal welfare organizations express grave concerns, noting a horrifying spike in animals, especially birds, suffering from injuries consistent with catapult attacks. These actions, described as ‘pure evil fun,’ necessitate urgent attention and intervention.

This emerging trend requires a significant legal response. Current laws do not classify catapults as illegal weapons, thus enabling their use in these alleged acts of cruelty without fear of repercussion. Demand the implementation of laws that recognize the potential for harm in such devices, ensuring they cannot be exploited for such heinous activities.


Dear Minister Zac Goldsmith,

Recent investigations have alarmingly revealed a trend among youths, allegedly involving the use of catapults to inflict harm upon animals. These reports describe a series of disturbing acts, where animals are not only targeted but subjected to subsequent abuse, showcasing a grave disrespect for life. The shared videos and images on social platforms, depicting such alleged cruelty, are not only appalling but also a clear call to action for us all.

The range of animals affected by these alleged attacks is vast, including but not limited to birds, deer, and squirrels, many of which suffer fatal outcomes. The RSPCA and other wildlife sanctuaries report a distressing increase in cases where animals are found with injuries indicative of catapult use. This alleged form of amusement among some youths highlights a disturbing disregard for animal welfare and the law, as catapults currently fall into a legal grey area that permits their possession and use.

We urge you to advocate for and implement stricter regulations and penalties surrounding the sale, possession, and use of catapults. By acknowledging the potential harm these devices can cause when misused, we can work towards preventing such alleged acts of cruelty. Strengthening the legal framework to deter this behavior is crucial in protecting animals from unnecessary suffering and ensuring the well-being of our communities.


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  1. We are a sick society! What are we raising? These are not normal kids with feelings and compassion. It has to be the parents fault yet some social influence may also be a problem. How to make these kids kinder to others? I am out of ideas but if the one caught had to face the same torture, it wouldn’t kill them although it would really hurt them. Do you think these dumb kids would understand how much their actions hurt others? I’m sure framework is important but I still think having to suffer a bit of what they others suffer will help. If an animal has a loss of an eye it harms the ability to function. These sick kids need to lose an eye and live with it for the rest of their lives. Why do humans torture animals? I just purchased a cloth bag which says, “I support putting animal abusers to sleep!” I do!!!!!!

  2. Mary Young says:

    Oh your talking about a fucking country that’s killing animals hell the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 is just a piece of shit when it co.e to helping animals I wouldn’t doubt if they paid all those little mother fucker to kill the animals where it should be all the kids killed not the animals

  3. Alice K Knight says:

    I believe parents need to teach their children respect, kindness and what is wrong and right behaviour. You begin with a solid base at home and then comes the time you unleash them into society. All the work and teaching you have done can sometimes be a forgotten lesson. Society does play a role in a persons behaviour, television, friends and all types of media. But this harming and killing animals for fun is not acceptable and I cannot for the life of me understand why this has become a social trend. Obviously, these kids have too much time on their fiendish hands. When any of these kids are caught doing any horrific acts as these, prosecute them and give them the harshest sentencing.

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