Demand Justice for Over 150 Dogs Allegedly Unshielded From Harsh Weather

Target: Gentner Drummond, Attorney General of Oklahoma

Goal: Ensure legal action against those allegedly responsible for the cruel treatment of over 150 dogs and puppies.

At the crack of dawn in Milburn, Oklahoma, an alarming discovery unfolded. Authorities reportedly stumbled upon over 150 dogs and puppies enduring harrowing conditions at two large-scale breeding operations. These innocent beings, reportedly confined in outdoor pens, barely shielded from harsh weather, lived a life no creature deserves.

Veterinary assessments reportedly painted a grim picture; skin infections, eye problems, and respiratory distress plagued these animals, with one puppy urgently whisked away for emergency care. Allegedly, these sites operated under the radar, selling dogs on reputable platforms and markets known for dubious animal welfare practices. Such revelations underscore a systemic failure to protect the most vulnerable among us.

This situation beckons a collective outcry for reform. Accountability must be ensured for those reportedly exploiting animals for profit, and robust safeguards must be established to prevent future suffering. Demand a stringent review and overhaul of regulations governing animal breeding and sales.


Dear Attorney General Gentner Drummond,

We, a concerned community, urge you to take swift and decisive action in the distressing case involving over 150 dogs and puppies reportedly found in dire conditions in Milburn. This alarming situation, uncovered by local authorities and animal welfare organizations, reveals a blatant disregard for the well-being of these animals, allegedly subjected to neglect and unsanitary living conditions.

These findings, including animals reportedly suffering from skin and eye infections and even life-threatening respiratory distress, highlight an urgent need for legal intervention. The fact that such operations could sell animals online and at markets notorious for animal welfare violations points to a broader issue that requires immediate attention and action.

We implore you to prosecute those allegedly responsible for this apparent cruelty to the fullest extent of the law. Furthermore, we advocate for a review and strengthening of the laws and regulations governing animal breeding and sales in Oklahoma. Our goal is to ensure such deplorable conditions and disregard for animal welfare are not repeated.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Michał Robak


    Why people continue to do this to other beings is beyond me. On purpose is what gets me. Too many human beings hurt others! However, only a few, considering how many of us there are. Most of us are decent but the few adds up to too many when you count these horrible actions all over the planet. We need animals, we need wildlife, we also need peace on earth. But the kids we are raising seem to be infected with the same social infestation that has plagued life on earth since time began. I’m not sure it can be healed.

  2. Cynthia A Pisarcik says:

    The people responsible for this ———————————

    should be shot right between their eyes. However we know that

    won’t happen!!!!!!!!

    They should be punished to the fullest extent of the law !!!!!!!!
    and then some more !!

  3. Mary Young says:

    That why I hate all puppy mills and animals breeders that abuse more animals just to make money 💰

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