Seek Justice for Innocent Animals Allegedly Killed Due to Severe Neglect

Target: Attorney Donald W. Kleine, Douglas County, Colorado

Goal: Enforce stricter penalties and take decisive action against those allegedly responsible for animal abuse.

Animals, often seen as the most innocent of victims, have allegedly endured severe mistreatment and neglect, some resulting in death, within Douglas County. Reports suggest a distressing increase in felony animal abuse cases, with four arrests made since September 2023. These alleged acts of cruelty highlight a dire need for justice and protection for these vulnerable beings.

Julie Grady’s heartwarming efforts to foster and rehabilitate dogs from abusive backgrounds shed light on the potential for recovery and happiness these animals possess. However, stories of animals like Lila, who have found solace in caring homes, contrast sharply with the grim fate of others not as fortunate. Sheriff Aaron Hanson and the Nebraska Humane Society have taken steps to address this issue, indicating a systemic effort to combat animal abuse. Yet, the alleged cases of abuse, including one involving thermal burns apparently inflicted by Gabriel Moore, underscore the urgency for more robust enforcement and legal measures.

The necessity for change is clear. Alleged incidents of animal abuse, such as the harrowing case of a dog reportedly suffering thermal burns, demand a strong legal and societal stance against cruelty. It is imperative that we advocate for enhanced legal repercussions and enforcement strategies to protect these innocent animals from harm. By doing so, we can aspire to a community where abuse is not only unacceptable but met with swift and effective justice.


Dear Attorney Donald W. Kleine,

The recent reports of alleged felony animal abuse within Douglas County have brought to light a deeply troubling issue that demands immediate and decisive action. The community looks to your leadership and commitment to justice as a beacon of hope for the most innocent among us – the animals that have reportedly suffered at the hands of neglect and cruelty.

Julie Grady’s commendable work in fostering animals highlights the potential for recovery and happiness these creatures have, yet it also starkly reminds us of the ones who were not as fortunate. The alleged cases of abuse, including the distressing situation involving thermal burns reportedly inflicted by an individual, are a call to action for all of us who care deeply about the welfare of animals. The collaborative efforts between the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and the Nebraska Humane Society represent a vital step towards addressing this grave issue. However, the continued occurrence of such alleged acts of cruelty underscores the need for even stronger measures.

We urge you to enforce stricter penalties and employ more robust enforcement strategies against those allegedly responsible for animal abuse in Douglas County. By doing so, you will not only uphold your sworn obligation to protect the innocent but also send a powerful message that animal cruelty will not be tolerated. Our community, our conscience, and our laws must reflect the seriousness with which we regard these alleged acts of violence against defenseless animals.


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Photo credit: Vika Glitter

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