Seek Justice for Roosters in Life-Threatening Cockfighting Events

Target: Le Minh Hoan, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam

Goal: End the cruel practice of cockfighting that subjects roosters to unnecessary suffering and death.

Cockfighting, with its deep roots in tradition, stands as a testament to historical practices where the well-being of animals was often overlooked for entertainment and gambling. In regions where this activity flourishes, notably in Vietnam, roosters are thrust into brutal combat, leading to severe injury or demise for the sake of entertainment. This harsh reality starkly contrasts with the cultural tapestry that supporters claim it enriches. Such events, run by licensed companies like SV388 and Alo789, highlight a disturbing normalization of animal cruelty under the guise of tradition and social gathering.

The distress these animals endure is undeniable, with physical harm and psychological stress as palpable outcomes of each match. Despite arguments comparing the care of these birds to that of human riders of racehorses, a critical difference remains: consent and comprehension of the risks involved. Roosters, unlike humans, lack the agency to choose their fate, making the ethical implications of cockfighting profoundly troubling. Furthermore, this practice raises significant public health concerns, including the potential for avian disease transmission, alongside the social issues stemming from associated illegal gambling activities.

The demand for a cessation of cockfighting stems not only from advocacy for animal rights but also from a recognition of the evolving ethical landscape, where cruelty for entertainment becomes increasingly indefensible. Alternative celebrations of tradition that do not involve animal suffering are not only possible but necessary, reflecting a society that values compassion over cruelty. Ensure that cultural preservation does not come at the expense of animal welfare.


Dear Minister Le Minh Hoan,

Cockfighting, a practice deeply ingrained in some cultural traditions, presents undeniable ethical concerns that demand immediate attention and action. The forced participation of roosters in these events, resulting in inevitable injury or death, cannot be justified as mere entertainment or heritage. This practice, underpinned by companies like SV388 and Alo789, reveals a stark neglect for animal welfare, raising significant moral and public health concerns.

As society progresses, so too must our ethical considerations. The preservation of tradition should not come at the cost of living beings’ suffering, especially when these traditions involve involuntary participants. The comparison of cockfighting to human sports falls short of acknowledging the lack of choice for these animals, highlighting a crucial area for legislative review and reform.

We urge you to consider the implications of cockfighting, not only from an animal welfare perspective but also considering the broader societal impact, including the spread of diseases and the perpetuation of illegal gambling. It is within your power to champion a shift towards more humane forms of tradition and entertainment. By implementing stricter regulations or an outright ban on cockfighting, we can honor cultural heritage without inflicting harm on animals.


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Photo credit: Mayukh_Karmakar

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