Demand Justice for Cow Allegedly Forced to Beg and Left to Die

Target: Rajesh Narvekar, Commissioner of the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation, India

Goal: End the exploitation and cruelty towards cows in Navi Mumbai, India.

A heart-wrenching incident has reportedly unfolded in the vicinity of the Swaminarayan temple in Navi Mumbai, India, where a cow, allegedly exploited for begging by its handler, met a tragic end on the streets. This case shines a light on a broader, disturbing practice. Cows are reportedly being tied outside various temples, coerced into begging to line the pockets of their handlers.

Madhu Shankar, a local activist, has taken a stand by lodging a police report concerning this seemingly grievous incident. According to reports, the cow’s demise was not an isolated tragedy but a symptom of a larger, systemic issue plaguing Navi Mumbai. CCTV evidence has been submitted to aid the investigation, apparently revealing a grim pattern of exploitation. Allegedly, these animals are not only forced into begging but also into participating in a profit-making scheme involving the sale of specific feed to devotees, underscoring the urgent need for intervention.

The pressing need for legal and regulatory action against such alleged cruelty cannot be overstated. This petition seeks not only justice for the cow that seemingly suffered and died but also a robust mechanism to prevent further exploitation of these gentle creatures. Demand an immediate investigation into this matter, appropriate legal action against those found culpable, and stringent regulations to safeguard animals from exploitation.


Dear Commissioner Rajesh Narvekar,

A concerning situation has come to light, illustrating a seemingly severe case of animal exploitation and cruelty within our community. It involves a cow, reportedly forced into begging and subsequently left to die unattended on the street. This incident is not an anomaly but rather a distressing indication of a widespread practice of exploiting animals for monetary gain, particularly in the vicinity of temples.

Further scrutiny reportedly reveals a pattern of these animals being deliberately placed in situations to elicit empathy and donations from the public, exploiting both human and animal alike. The involvement of a racket that seemingly profits from selling specific food items to feed these animals adds another layer of exploitation. This alleged practice not only degrades the moral fabric of our society but also blatantly disregards the welfare of these sentient beings.

We call upon you to take decisive action. An immediate and thorough investigation into these allegations is imperative. Those found responsible must face the full extent of the law. Furthermore, we urge the implementation of stricter regulations and oversight to prevent the exploitation of animals in Navi Mumbai. It is our collective responsibility to ensure the welfare of all living beings in our community.


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  1. How that cow must have suffered, and to see food that it cannot reach and see it taken away must have compounded its suffering and torment! I don’t see how anyone could commit such cruelty, and it’s unfathomable that the temples do not intervene. Let’s get this petition to over 100,000 and stop this.

  2. Alice K Knight says:

    What is the reason for such abuse, atrocities, vicious behaviour toward any animal in India? It is disconcerting everyday. It seems there are two or more horrible attacks towards animals every day on Force Change.
    I don’t think I would ever wish to visit India simply because I would fear what I would see and if I were to interveen, I would never survive the beating. That being said, If I could save any animal from anyone abusing them, I MOST DEFINITELY WOULD.

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