Justice for Over 200 Animals Allegedly Abused at Rescue Center

Target: Joel Buckingham, District Attorney of San Benito County, California

Goal: Ensure legal accountability for the alleged mistreatment of over 200 animals at a rescue center.

In Hollister, California, a shocking discovery was made at SBC Pet-A-Palooza Rescue Inc., where over 200 dogs and cats were rescued from allegedly severe neglectful conditions. Authorities arrested two individuals, highlighting this as one of the largest cases of animal abuse in the area. Reports detail animals living in spaces riddled with feces, without access to food or water, showcasing a dire need for immediate intervention.

Humane officers from the SPCA Monterey County joined the effort, signaling the gravity of the situation. The seized animals, including 13 dogs initially, reportedly suffer from extreme medical conditions, underscoring the alleged neglect they endured. Multiple rescue organizations are now involved, providing care and seeking new homes for these animals, which is a testament to the community’s response to such egregious alleged neglect.

This incident highlights a significant breach of trust and responsibility. The individuals entrusted with the care of these vulnerable animals allegedly failed them profoundly. It’s crucial to set a precedent that neglect and abuse of animals in care facilities will not be tolerated. Strengthening oversight and ensuring justice is served are paramount to prevent future occurrences. Demand that those allegedly responsible be held legally accountable for their actions.


Dear DA Joel Buckingham,

Recent events have unfolded in Hollister, California, where over 200 animals were rescued from conditions described as severely neglectful at the SBC Pet-A-Palooza Rescue Inc. This incident, one of the largest of its kind in the area, has shocked our community and animal lovers alike. The founders of the facility, Richard Lopez and Susie Alarcon, have been arrested on charges of felony animal cruelty. Animals were reportedly found in deplorable conditions, lacking basic necessities such as food and water, surrounded by accumulated feces.

The extent of the apparent neglect is further underscored by the reported extreme medical conditions of the cats involved, necessitating the intervention of numerous animal welfare organizations. This alleged mistreatment of animals under the guise of rescue operations is not only appalling but demands a stern legal response. It’s essential to ensure that such alleged neglect is met with appropriate legal repercussions to serve as a deterrent for future misconduct.

We urge you to take decisive action in this case, ensuring that the legal proceedings reflect the severity of the alleged neglect and abuse. By holding those allegedly responsible accountable, we can reaffirm our commitment as a society to the welfare of all living beings. It’s crucial that we send a clear message: negligence and abuse of animals, especially by those who claim to be their protectors, will not be tolerated.

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Photo credit: Brett Davies


  1. Mary Young says:

    Put both of them sick ass bastards I a cage and let them see and feel the same damn abuse they put all those poor Animals through put them in lock the gates and don’t let them have food and water for months 💔 my heart 💔 that people like this still live and breathe

  2. Suzanne Aguilar says:

    They both need to be punish to the full extent of the law! They should no longer be allowed the privilege to ever own another animal ever. Heavy fines and Jail time for each of them. I agree with Mary Young, but that won’t ever happen. Trust me It should be eye for an eye…

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