Justice for Crab That Allegedly Lost Claw During Viral Photoshoot

Target: Alvin Bragg, New York County District Attorney

Goal: Stop harming helpless animals in order to make popular videos.

An unsettling incident has surfaced, stirring significant public outcry. Allegedly, a photoshoot involved the deliberate mistreatment of a crab, resulting in its claw being detached. Captured on video, this act appeared to display not only a shocking disregard for animal welfare, but also to highlight a serious ethical lapse by those involved.

The video, widely shared on social media, reportedly shows a live crab hanging by its claw from a model’s shoe, only for the claw to be forcibly removed, leaving the creature to scuttle away in distress. This scenario, purportedly orchestrated for the sake of capturing intriguing photographs, has sparked a wave of indignation across the internet, with many labeling the act as outright animal cruelty.

The location of the incident remains unknown. However, the video shows that the photoshoot is apparently going on in front of 18 Pell Hair, which is situated at 18 Pell St, New York.

This case underscores a broader issue within our society’s interaction with animals, especially in creative and entertainment industries. The apparent willingness to compromise the well-being of a creature for aesthetic purposes raises alarming questions about our collective moral compass. Demand accountability and ensure such alleged acts do not go unpunished.


Dear Attorney Alvin Bragg,

We are deeply troubled by a recent incident, reportedly involving a crab subjected to unnecessary harm during a photoshoot. This act, as seen in widely circulated video footage, suggests a blatant disregard for the welfare of a defenseless animal, purportedly for art and entertainment. Such behavior cannot and should not be tolerated within a just and compassionate society.

The alleged details of the incident are disturbing: a live crab appears to have been deliberately placed in a harmful situation, resulting in its claw being detached. This was not a natural occurrence but a consequence of the actions taken by the individuals involved, specifically the photographer and the model. Their apparent lack of concern for the creature’s suffering has rightly outraged public sentiment.

Given these circumstances, we urge you to investigate this matter thoroughly and, should the allegations be substantiated, to prosecute the individuals responsible for this act of cruelty. By doing so, you will send a clear message that animal welfare is a serious concern in our community and that such disregard for life will not be met without legal consequences. Let us demonstrate our commitment to justice and compassion for all beings.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Francesco Ungaro


  1. This is more than troubling it is malicious intention, no accident. Filming is usually done by professionals with a theme, time needed, and an overall view of the end product. This crab had his defense torn away from stupid fools not really interested in taking care of the creatures they use. They are interested only in the pay check they plan to receive. How to stop this? No pay check. No more work for an extended time, maybe the same amount of time it will take the crab to regrow this claw. That seems fair to me. When people harm animals then they must meet a similar harm, this is true unless death was the end. When that happens the person goes to the back of a prison and is looking at many long years prior to possibly getting out. People can not continue being so stupid and hurting animals in the process. What they do should be done to them. If this were the law of the land much torment would stop for animals.

  2. Cut off one of each of their hands and feed ‘em to the crabs in front of them !! Mean sick bastard f*cks !!!

  3. Sherry Akridge says:

    Stupid, sick people. All they care about is themselves. Sick vain people doing anything just to take pictures. They could care less about any living creature. They care only for themselves, it’s disgusting.

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