Justice for Rottweiler Allegedly Starved to Death

Target: Donald W. Kleine, County Attorney of Douglas County, Nebraska

Goal: Impose maximum legal penalties for the alleged starvation death of a Rottweiler to prevent future animal cruelty.

In a disturbing incident that has sparked widespread concern, the Nebraska Humane Society, in collaboration with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, has reported a case of a Rottweiler left to die from starvation. This case, among others, seemingly highlights a troubling trend of animal neglect and abuse in our community. The dog, unfortunately, succumbed to its condition despite the medical staff’s efforts to save it. This incident not only reflects an apparently grave act of cruelty but also underscores the urgent need for a robust legal response to protect animals from such inhumane treatment.

The authorities’ investigation into this matter led to the apprehension of suspects, revealing a broader issue of felony animal neglect within the area. The involvement of the Douglas County Sheriff’s special operations group underscores the seriousness with which these cases are now being treated. The increase in animal-related felonies over the past few years has prompted a call for more stringent legal actions against those responsible for such cruelty. This particular case of the Rottweiler’s alleged starvation death demands not only our attention but also immediate action to ensure justice is served.

The correlation between animal cruelty and subsequent violent crimes against humans is well-documented, making it imperative for our legal system to take a strong stance against such acts. By imposing the maximum penalties on those found guilty of this alleged crime, one can send a clear message that animal cruelty is a serious offense with severe consequences. Demand that the individuals responsible for the alleged neglect and subsequent death of the Rottweiler face the harshest possible punishment under the law to serve as a deterrent to potential offenders and to honor the memory of the victim.


Dear Attorney Donald W. Kleine,

The heartbreaking case of a Rottweiler allegedly dying from starvation after being abandoned at the doorstep of the Nebraska Humane Society has brought to light a significant issue of animal cruelty within our community. This incident, seemingly indicative of a larger trend of felony animal neglect, requires a decisive and stringent legal response. The efforts of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and the Nebraska Humane Society in addressing such cases are commendable, yet the ultimate responsibility for ensuring justice lies within our legal system.

We urge you to pursue the severest legal penalties available against the individuals suspected of this cruel act. By doing so, we can demonstrate a zero-tolerance policy for animal cruelty and neglect, reinforcing the idea that such behavior will not be tolerated. This case not only calls for justice for the victim but also serves as a critical moment to establish a precedent that will deter future acts of cruelty.

As the County Attorney, your role in advocating for the voiceless and ensuring the welfare of all beings within our community is paramount. We implore you to take a firm stand against animal cruelty by ensuring that those responsible for the alleged starvation and death of this Rottweiler are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.


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Photo credit: Denise Rosser

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