Justice for Dog and Owner Allegedly Assaulted

Target: Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi, India

Goal: Ensure legal action against animal abuse in Delhi

A recent incident involving the alleged attack on a pet dog named Timtim has sparked outrage. Model and actress Bandgee Kallra shared distressing details of how her pet was purportedly assaulted by a nearly 65-year-old woman in Delhi, the capital of India. The senior citizen, described as a dog hater, allegedly attempted to harm both the animal and Kallra. This shocking act, highlighted on social media, calls for a rigorous examination and response from our community and legal system.

Further exacerbating the situation, Kallra accuses her neighbor of not only threatening her but also attempting to physically assault her and her pet in a separate instance. Such actions, if true, reflect a disturbing trend of animosity and violence towards animals and their owners. Kallra’s decision to publicize these incidents underscores the desperation and helplessness felt by those who witness or become victims of animal cruelty. Her plea for awareness and action against such barbarity has garnered support from fellow actress Gauahar Khan and numerous followers, all of whom demand justice and change.

The necessity for this petition arises from a collective need to address and mitigate instances of animal cruelty. Advocate for stricter legal repercussions for those found guilty of such reprehensible actions.


Dear CM Arvind Kejriwal,

The recent allegations of animal abuse in Delhi, involving a senior citizen’s attack on a pet dog named Timtim, have brought to light a severe and distressing issue within our society. According to Bandgee Kallra, her pet was purposefully hit with a slipper by an individual who exhibited a clear disdain for dogs. This incident, coupled with an alleged attempted assault on Kallra herself, seem to represent a broader problem of animal cruelty and aggression that demands immediate attention and action.

The details shared by Kallra, including the attack and subsequent threats, highlight an urgent need for intervention by law enforcement and legal entities. These actions, allegedly perpetrated out of hatred and frustration, not only endanger the welfare of animals but also threaten the safety and peace of their owners and the community at large. The public’s response, including support from personalities like Gauahar Khan, underscores the widespread concern and demand for justice and protection against such cruelty.

We, the undersigned, urge you to take swift and decisive action in response to these allegations. By investigating and, if necessary, prosecuting those accused of animal abuse, you will send a clear message that such behavior is unacceptable and punishable by law. We demand a safer environment for all living beings, free from violence and abuse, where respect for life and well-being is a paramount concern.


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Photo credit: G.Goodwin Jr. and Snark

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