Justice for Cats Found Shot in Head and Spine

Target: Steve Alm, District Attorney of Honolulu

Goal: Ensure the perpetrators of cat cruelty in Koko Head District Park face legal repercussions.

Recent events in Koko Head District Park have stirred deep concern and outrage among animal advocates and the community. Four cats have been victims of brutal cruelty over the course of just one week. Disturbingly, two were shot, while another suffered from a dog attack. One cat was shot in the spine, leading to permanent paralysis. These acts of violence highlight a growing problem of animal cruelty that demands immediate attention and action.

Further distressing details reveal the calculated nature of these attacks. One cat was found dead near a BMX track, shot in a manner suggesting either a terrifying familiarity with the animal or a chilling precision. Another heartbreaking account involved a cat allegedly shot in the head near a park baseball field, an act that implies a disturbing level of trust betrayed. Complicating the situation, graffiti was discovered, linking these cruel acts to misguided beliefs about the spread of toxoplasmosis from cats to monk seals, indicating a troubling justification for violence against innocent animals.

The necessity for swift and firm legal action cannot be overstated. The recent rise in reports of animal cruelty in the area, with over 5,000 calls in the past fiscal year, underscores a dire need for intervention. This petition demands that the District Attorney of Honolulu take decisive steps to investigate these allegations, hold the perpetrators accountable, and implement measures to prevent future acts of cruelty. The safety and welfare of both the community’s animals and its people depend on a strong response to these acts of violence.


Dear DA Steve Alm,

The recent spate of animal cruelty in Koko Head District Park has shocked and appalled our community. Reports of four cats targeted in acts of violence, including shootings and a dog attack, with one cat now suffering permanent paralysis, highlight a growing and grave concern that cannot be ignored. These actions not only inflict unspeakable suffering on innocent animals but also tear at the fabric of our community’s values and safety.

The specifics of these incidents suggest a deliberate and heinous intent. Cats, beloved by many and part of a larger effort to manage feral populations humanely, have reportedly been shot with chilling precision or betrayed trust. This alarming trend, coupled with graffiti that misguidedly links the feeding of cats to the spread of disease, underscores a dangerous lack of understanding and empathy that must be addressed through legal channels.

We urge you, as the District Attorney of Honolulu, to prioritize the investigation into these allegations and to prosecute those found responsible to the fullest extent of the law. Furthermore, we ask that you work with local animal welfare organizations and community groups to develop strategies to prevent such acts from occurring in the future. Our community looks to you for leadership in ensuring justice is served for these innocent animals and in sending a clear message that such cruelty will not be tolerated.


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Photo credit: Scarlet Sappho

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