Justice for Defenseless Dog Allegedly Crushed Under Stone While Sleeping

Target: Mohan Yadav, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, India

Goal: Enforce the maximum penalty for the seemingly brutal killing of a sleeping dog in Raipur

In a shocking incident that has jolted Raipur in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, a defenseless dog reportedly met a tragic end. Allegedly, while the animal was in the throes of sleep, its life was mercilessly snuffed out. The perpetrator, reportedly, crushed its head with a stone, an act of sheer brutality that has sparked widespread indignation.

CCTV footage, unearthed by concerned animal lovers in the vicinity, captured this appalling act. This evidence points toward an individual allegedly responsible for this inhumane crime. Despite existing laws aimed at safeguarding animals, this event underscores a disturbing trend of animal cruelty. It marks a pressing need for stricter enforcement and harsher penalties to deter such vile acts.

The necessity for immediate and stern legal recourse cannot be overstated.  It is a step toward not only seeking justice for this innocent animal but also reinforcing the sanctity of life and compassion within our society. Call for the enforcement of the maximum penalty available under the law against the alleged perpetrator.


Dear CM Yadav,

A disturbing act of animal cruelty has recently come to light in our community, where a defenseless dog was reportedly killed in a brutal manner. Allegedly, while the animal was asleep, its life was violently ended by a person who crushed its head with a stone. This heinous act, reportedly captured on CCTV footage, has not only caused immense outrage but also highlighted a significant breach of the moral and legal duty to protect the voiceless.

This incident, reportedly carried out by an individual identified through diligent efforts by local animal lovers, brings to the forefront the urgent need for stringent legal action. Despite the existence of laws designed to protect animals from such cruelty, it is clear that enforcement and penalties need to be significantly strengthened. The accused has been apprehended, and the reports have been registered, yet this case must be pursued with the utmost severity to serve as a deterrent to potential perpetrators.

We, therefore, urge you to apply the full extent of the law in this case, ensuring that the alleged perpetrator receives the maximum penalty under both the Indian Penal Code and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. It is imperative to send a strong message that such acts of cruelty will not be tolerated and that the legal system stands firm in the defense of those who cannot defend themselves. Let us reaffirm our societal commitment to compassion, empathy, and justice by ensuring that this case is treated with the seriousness it warrants.


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Photo credit: Radosław Botev


  1. Mary Young says:

    What’s wrong with fucking so called human of this world all they fucking think about is killing animals

  2. Sherry Akridge says:

    That disgusting killer needs to be found! They have probably killed before and will do it again. That is a psychopath!

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