Justice for 15,000 Pigeons Killed in Sporting Event

Target: Attorney General Ashley Moody, Florida

Goal: Enforce animal protection laws against those responsible for the pigeon shoot.

Thousands of pigeons met a grim fate last week at a Florida ranch, reportedly owned by a prominent business figure. Drone footage, secured by animal rights activists, showcased a disturbing scene. Released birds were shot from the sky for sport, sparking widespread condemnation.

The event dubbed the “Swamp Shoot Out” saw about 15,000 pigeons used as live targets. Activists argue this act flouts Florida’s animal cruelty statutes. Yet, the state’s laws offer no clear safeguard for pigeons, a loophole that demands immediate rectification.

This glaring oversight in animal protection underscores a pressing need for legal reform. The absence of a specific prohibition against pigeon shooting in Florida law does not excuse the apparent brutality of such events. Call for stringent legal measures to ensure no animal falls victim to such alleged barbarity again.


Dear Attorney General Ashley Moody,

Recent events at Quail Creek Sporting Ranch have brought to light a disturbing and allegedly cruel practice: the mass shooting of pigeons for sport. Roughly 15,000 birds were released and shot, an act that, while not explicitly illegal in Florida, raises significant ethical and moral questions about animal welfare in our state.

This activity, allegedly organized by a well-known business figure, has sparked outrage among the public and animal rights organizations alike. It stands as a stark reminder of the gaps in our legal system that allow such apparent cruelty to occur without consequence. This incident not only reflects poorly on our state’s stance on animal welfare but also challenges the very principles of humanity and compassion that define us as a society.

We urge you to take immediate action to address this issue. By enforcing existing animal protection laws and advocating for legislation that explicitly prohibits pigeon shooting, you have the power to prevent such alleged acts of cruelty from occurring in the future. We demand justice for the pigeons killed in this event and call for a thorough investigation into the matter, with appropriate legal action taken against those responsible.


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Photo credit: Dori

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  1. Sherry Akridge says:

    Quail Creek Sporting Ranch sounds like it needs to be closed down. The event was called “Swamp Shoot Out” well that just sounds like a bunch of goobers that are gun happy, and want to kill some animals to make them feel good about themselves. Total monsters.

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