Justice for Horse Euthanized After Allegedly Being Found Starving in Squalor

Target: Jeff Chostner, District Attorney of Pueblo County, Colorado

Goal: Ensure legal consequences for the alleged severe neglect of 23 animals in a Colorado residence.

In a deeply troubling case from Pueblo, Colorado, authorities uncovered 23 animals reportedly living in conditions no creature should ever endure. Elizabeth Barnes-McDaniel, 38, faces charges including one felony count of animal cruelty and additional misdemeanors. This revelation came to light after a concerned tip about malnourished horses led investigators to her property on Galileo Drive.

Upon their arrival, officials were met with a heart-wrenching scene. Six horses, nine dogs, five cats, two snakes, and a chicken reportedly suffered in squalor. One horse, Rocky, allegedly in dire health, was euthanized. This sad decision underscored the alleged severity of neglect. The remaining animals are now receiving care at an equine rehab center and from other rescue organizations, yet the scars of their reported ordeal remain. Alongside animal cruelty, Barnes-McDaniel faces allegations of child abuse, adding a distressing layer of concern over the safety of children in her care.

This case, while shocking, highlights the broader issue of animal and child welfare. It underscores the necessity for legal reforms and stricter enforcement against neglect and abuse. We demand that the District Attorney of Pueblo County take decisive action. It’s crucial to not only address this case but to send a clear message. Acts of cruelty and neglect must meet with strict legal repercussions to deter future incidents and protect innocent lives.


Dear District Attorney Chostner,

In the wake of the distressing discovery in Pueblo, Colorado, where Elizabeth Barnes-McDaniel allegedly subjected 23 animals to severe neglect, our community calls for justice. The reported details of this case, from the malnourished horses to the tragic euthanization of Rocky, paint a harrowing picture of suffering. Alongside these allegations, the charges of child abuse deepen our concern and highlight an urgent need for action.

The legal system has the power to uphold the rights of the most vulnerable, be they animal or child. This case serves as a stark reminder of the responsibilities that come with pet ownership and the duty of care owed to all dependents. We urge you to pursue the strongest possible legal action against Barnes-McDaniel for her alleged crimes. By doing so, you will not only seek justice for the victims but also reinforce the message that neglect and abuse will not be tolerated.

As the court date approaches, we, the undersigned, stand united in our demand for a comprehensive review and robust prosecution of this case. It is imperative to ensure that those found guilty of such egregious acts face the full extent of the law. Let this case be a turning point, leading to greater awareness and stricter laws governing the welfare of animals and children alike.


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Photo credit: Cindy Funk

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