Justice for Allegedly Malnourished Horse Who Suffered Miscarriage

Target: Phil Weiser, Colorado Attorney General

Goal: Ensure stringent legal consequences for those allegedly responsible for animal neglect and cruelty.

In Pueblo West, Colorado, a harrowing case of animal neglect reportedly unfolded, leading to the rescue of several animals in dire conditions. An investigation by the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office, prompted by concerned citizens, uncovered a distressing scene on the property of Elizabeth Barnes-McDaniel. Allegedly, nearly 50 horses, along with dogs, cats, snakes, and a chicken, were found in cramped, shelterless quarters, leading to the euthanization of one horse due to neglect.

Further details reveal the depth of the alleged neglect. Neighbors reported overcrowded conditions with no protection from the elements for the animals. In a particularly poignant account, a family purchased a horse from McDaniel, believing it to be healthy and suitable for their daughter. This belief tragically turned into a nightmare when the horse, which was unknowingly pregnant and allegedly malnourished, suffered a miscarriage, compounded by undisclosed health issues and age.

The necessity for action against such alleged abuse and deceit cannot be overstated. Those responsible must face legal accountability. This petition demands rigorous legal repercussions for the alleged neglect and cruelty, to prevent future suffering and ensure justice for the affected animals and families.


Dear Attorney General Weiser,

The community of Pueblo West, and concerned citizens everywhere, implore you to take decisive action in the case of alleged animal neglect and cruelty by Elizabeth Barnes-McDaniel. Reports and investigations have unveiled a situation of grave concern, where dozens of animals were allegedly kept in deplorable conditions, leading to the intervention by the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office and the rescue of numerous animals.

This case not only involves the alleged neglect and mistreatment of animals but also the deceit of families who placed their trust in the accused. The Roys’ story, among others, highlights the alleged deceit and the resultant suffering of both animals and humans. It is distressing to learn that the alleged actions of one individual could cause such widespread harm and suffering.

We demand that you pursue the maximum legal penalties for all counts of animal cruelty and neglect as well as any other applicable charges. This case must serve as a deterrent to prevent similar instances of alleged abuse. The community trusts in your commitment to justice and in your ability to ensure that those allegedly responsible are held accountable.


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  1. Mary Young says:

    Shot the bitch for animals abuse

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