Justice for 50 Dogs Apparently Found in Critical Condition at Hoarder’s House

Target: Ori Tucker White, District Attorney of Jeff Davis County, Texas

Goal: Ensure legal consequences for the alleged severe neglect of 50 dogs in a hoarding case.

A heart-wrenching scenario unfolded where approximately fifty dogs were allegedly discovered in a dire state, necessitating rescue and rehabilitation. Guardians of Rescue, an animal nonprofit, reported this grave situation following the death of a known hoarder. The conditions these animals reportedly endured highlight a shocking and sorrowful tale of alleged neglect and suffering.

Upon their arrival, volunteers described finding the dogs in incredibly poor condition, with some beyond help. This discovery has led to an urgent need for medical care, alongside efforts to rehome the survivors. Social media reactions reflect widespread horror and empathy, underscoring the emotional toll such alleged neglect takes on both animals and humans. The narrative extends beyond mere rescue to a broader conversation on accountability and the prevention of similar cases.

This petition seeks to prompt immediate legal scrutiny and action against those responsible for the alleged neglect of these vulnerable animals. The necessity for legal repercussions stands clear, aiming not only to address this particular incident but also to deter future occurrences. Demand a thorough investigation and appropriate legal measures to ensure justice and protection for animals subjected to such alleged neglect.


Dear DA Ori Tucker White,

Recent reports have shed light on a deeply troubling situation in your jurisdiction. Allegedly, fifty dogs were rescued from a hoarding case marked by significant neglect, following the death of a known hoarder. The conditions described by the Guardians of Rescue, and the subsequent public outcry, underscore an urgent need for legal intervention. These animals, some of whom were reportedly found in critical condition, represent just a fraction of the victims of such alleged neglect.

The rescue effort highlighted not only the dire circumstances faced by these animals but also the broader issue of animal welfare within our communities. Public reaction to this case, marked by horror and sympathy, reflects a collective demand for justice and preventative measures. It is imperative that this situation be met with a comprehensive legal response to ensure those responsible are held accountable.

We urge you to take immediate action by investigating this case thoroughly and prosecuting those reportedly responsible for the alleged neglect. Legal accountability in this matter is crucial, not only for the sake of the animals directly affected but also to send a clear message that neglect will not be tolerated. We demand justice for these animals and preventive measures to safeguard against future instances of hoarding and neglect.


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  1. Some hoarders truly love animals but are unable to provide for them financially. If the govenment could come up with some form of aid, the rescued animals would not have to suffer. On the other hand, irresponsible and intentional hoarding and neglect is criminal and those found guilty should be penalized and punished accordingly.

  2. I’ve known the person that passed away that was the owners of the animals for 10yrs I’m married to stepson and the man never. Had them.like they was.he took good care of them with he got really bad sick why DNT you let them know How you went in the he treating his ex like shit telling her to get out to get the house because you couldn’t handle her cigaretten smoke but you but you could handle the dog mess. You stole her dog pens you had her grandson go in her vehicle without permission. The woman has not lived in the home in a a year so you can not and will not hold her responsible why dnt yall tell the truth

  3. Carolyn R Jordan says:

    I would like to tell the truth about this it started about 30 years ago when we moved to this property people started throwing dogs out at least once a week He got tired of it because so many was put out during the night and he would pull them off the road and bury this man would not just put them in the ground he would make sure he covered there body’s with something cause he didn’t like throwing dirt on there body’s he went to the sheriff’s department to what could be done they said nothing because we lived in the county that if we didn’t want them shoot them he wasn’t about to kill a dog and than years later sweet Onion Animal protection started up they would come out take pictures of the dogs and said they would find them homes but they never showed back up they need to post pictures of before he got sick they didn’t investigate anything if they had they would see he takes them to the vet he has over 2 thousand dollars in just one of them dogs and there was all kinds of medicine in the fridge some from the vet and other from tractor supply I moved out about a year and a half ago his mom called me to see if I would go check on him cause she couldn’t get ahold of him so I went over there and when i seen the dogs that’s when i knew something was wrong because he would never let them dog’s get like that he loved them dogs he sit everynight in his chair combing there hair but the day he died the animal people came in and cruel a ugly to me although we wasn’t together anymore i still cared i was with him 30 years i was in the house going through stuff trying to find insurance papers when this heartless lady came in and told me she didn’t care about that Man all she cared about was getting them dog’s i was smoking a cigarette she told me that she can handle all that dog poop and all but she couldn’t handle my cigarette and ran me out of the house i took the one little dog that meant so much to him and put her in my car they told my grandson to get the dog or i was going to jail so they had him to go in my vehicle while i wasn’t there they took dead puppy’s put them in a box on the front porch i told them I would get my son to bury them i was told no that’s evidence and if i touched them i would be charged with a felony they left the puppy’s on the porch and here it is a month later and the puppy’s are still there and I’ve been be in jail so i haven’t touched them and in the house they left his dead birds and i have pictures of both although I haven’t lived there in over a year all they have done is harass me and when they left they also took the dog houses and my little cages I bought and payed for when i lived there to me that’s stealing they not only went in my vehicle without permission they stole my dog houses and cages when i moved out he told me i could leave them because i didn’t have to place t put them the reason for my post i want people to know how i was treated the same same day i found the man’s body i was with for 30 years i would never treat anyone like that and to tell me she didn’t care about that man that is heartless i just wish she had said it in front of the camera she was heartless and cold but tell them to show yall pictures before he got sick that’s something they don’t know yall to know is the truth cause he did love them dog’s a lot of yall that sign wouldn’t have if yall knew who they are talking about because a lot of yall knew him I’m so sorry for the long post but someone had to tell it and I’ve been to upset 😭 I don’t know if I’m coming or going it’s so hard for me 😭 i keep hearing her words over and over that she didn’t care about him 😭 she only care about getting them dogs it’s really hard for me to post this cause I can’t stop crying 😭 seeing his body laying there like that and knowing what them dog’s went through without him 😭

  4. Carolyn R Jordan says:

    Anyone that reads my comment I messed up on some of it what I said when they said I would be charged with a felony I’ve never been in jail and they had me scared to death to even speak up and say anything these people treated me like pure trash they didn’t seem to care there was a lie just toaded out of that house you don’t come in to a home of someone and tell them you don’t care about the man all you care about is getting help for them though that’s ugly and mean and I wouldn’t do that to my worst enemy but I think everyone for reading my comment everything in it is true he tried to get help but no one would help him he was a good man not what they painted him to be

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