Demand Justice for Reportedly Cruel Death of Pregnant Bull Shark

Target: Eknath Shinde, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, India

Goal: Ensure accountability and justice for the alleged provocation and harm to a bull shark and its unborn offspring

In a deeply unsettling incident at Vaitarna Creek, a bull shark and its unborn offspring reportedly met a grim fate due to alleged human provocations. The Honorary Wildlife Warden, Vaishali Chavan, raised allegations suggesting that local villagers intentionally agitated the shark, leading to a tragic encounter where a villager, Hitesh Govari, was injured. This act of alleged cruelty not only resulted in immediate harm but also led to the unnecessary death of a pregnant bull shark, spotlighting a grave issue of animal maltreatment and ecological disruption.

Further details disclosed by Chavan reportedly indicate that the provocation was not an isolated act but rather a deliberate attempt to trap the shark, with villagers reportedly creating barriers in the creek. Video evidence, provided as part of Chavan’s plea to the forest department, supposedly captures voices inciting the shark, adding a layer of premeditation to the alleged wrongdoing. Such acts, if true, underline a blatant disregard for marine life and the balance of the ecosystem, demanding a thorough investigation and subsequent legal action.

The necessity for stringent measures and legal accountability arises from the alleged actions that not only endangered human lives but also led to the inhumane treatment and death of a pregnant shark. A strong message must be conveyed through proper investigation and prosecution, aiming to prevent future incidents of similar nature. The call for justice extends beyond retribution, seeking to establish a precedent of respect and protection for all creatures, ensuring the preservation of our natural world. Take action now.


Dear CM Eknath Shinde,

Recent events at Vaitarna Creek have brought to light a disturbing scenario involving the alleged provocation of a bull shark by local villagers, an act that reportedly led to the tragic injury of a villager and the death of the shark and its unborn offspring. This incident, as outlined by Honorary Wildlife Warden Vaishali Chavan, demands immediate attention and a thorough investigation. The alleged actions of the villagers, as captured in video evidence, suggest not only a disregard for the safety of both humans and wildlife but also a cruel intent towards a pregnant marine animal.

The details surrounding this event, including the reportedly deliberate construction of barriers to prevent the shark’s return to the river, reflect a broader issue of animal cruelty and ecological insensitivity that must be addressed. It is crucial that the forest department takes swift action to investigate these claims, ensuring that those responsible are held accountable for their actions. The loss of marine life, especially under such alleged circumstances, highlights the urgent need for awareness and education on the importance of coexisting with our natural environment.

We urge you to act decisively, not only to seek justice for the bull shark and its unborn offspring but also to set a precedent that such behavior towards wildlife is unacceptable and will be met with serious legal consequences. A clear message must be sent to the community and beyond, emphasizing the value of all life forms and the necessity of their protection. Your role in this matter is critical, and we look forward to seeing the steps you will take to ensure justice and prevent future occurrences of a similar nature.


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