Badgers Allegedly Subjected to Baiting and Fighting Deserve Justice

Target: Attorney General Rossa Fanning, Ireland

Goal: Ensure the alleged perpetrator faces legal consequences for the cruel treatment of badgers.

Allegations have emerged that paint a harrowing picture of animal cruelty in the Derrylin area. Jason Lee Kennedy, aged 35, stands accused of causing unnecessary suffering to badgers, involving them in baiting and fighting activities. These alleged acts were not only cruel but also illegal, capturing the dark side of human nature against vulnerable animals.

The charges against Kennedy include multiple counts of causing unnecessary suffering to animals, causing or attempting to cause an animal fight, and being present at an animal fight. These alleged acts of cruelty reportedly took place in June and July of 2022. The details, as disturbing as they are, apparently reveal a blatant disregard for the well-being of these creatures, highlighting the need for stern legal action.

The necessity for this petition stems from the importance of protecting animals from such alleged barbaric acts. Badgers, a protected species, were reportedly subjected to inhumane treatment that cannot go unaddressed. Demand immediate and strict legal action against Kennedy, if found guilty, to serve as a deterrent against future acts of animal cruelty.


Dear Attorney General Rossa Fanning,

Recent allegations have surfaced that highlight a grave concern within our community concerning the treatment of animals, specifically badgers. Jason Lee Kennedy is accused of engaging in and facilitating acts of cruelty against these defenseless animals. This includes baiting and fighting, actions that not only cause immense suffering but also contravene our laws and moral principles.

The alleged acts involve intentional harm to badgers, a protected species, indicating a disturbing level of cruelty. These allegations, if true, reflect a callous disregard for life and well-being, necessitating a firm legal response. The community looks to you for justice in this matter, expecting that the full extent of the law be applied to prevent further occurrences of such alleged inhumanity.

We urge you to take immediate action against Kennedy, ensuring that he faces the consequences of his alleged actions. This case represents not just an apparent violation of animal rights but an affront to our societal values. By addressing this issue head-on, we can set a precedent that animal cruelty will not be tolerated, thereby protecting the most vulnerable among us.


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