Justice for Horse Allegedly Assaulted by Concert Noise for Entertainment

Target: Spencer Cox, Governor of Utah

Goal: Ensure the protection of animals from harmful entertainment practices

In a recent event that sparked widespread outrage, a well-known artist made a grand entrance at a concert by riding a horse on stage, amidst loud music and bright lights. This act, intended to dazzle attendees, instead drew significant criticism for allegedly subjecting the animal to a potentially harmful and distressing environment. Social media platforms, especially X, became arenas for debate, with many condemning the act as a clear instance of animal mistreatment.

Eyewitness accounts and reactions on X highlighted the inappropriateness of involving animals in such loud, chaotic events. Critics labeled the act as unnecessary, tasteless, and indicative of a worrying disregard for animal welfare. Amidst this backlash, the artist remained silent, neither addressing the concerns raised nor altering plans for future performances. This silence and inaction only fueled the controversy further, leading to calls for measures to prevent similar situations.

The demand is clear: animals must be shielded from being used as props in entertainment settings where their well-being could be at risk. This petition seeks to prompt decisive action from authorities, urging them to implement stricter regulations against the use of animals in entertainment contexts that could cause distress or harm. Express their insistence on respect for animal rights and the necessity of holding individuals or entities accountable for actions that compromise these rights.


Dear Governor Spencer Cox,

Recent events have brought to light a concerning trend of animals being placed in environments unsuitable and potentially harmful to their wellbeing. Specifically, a horse was allegedly exposed to the loud and disorienting conditions of a concert, an act that has sparked widespread condemnation. This incident underscores a grave disregard for animal welfare, prompting a public outcry for protective measures.

Social media reactions, particularly on X, have vividly illustrated the public’s dismay and disappointment at such acts of alleged mistreatment. The consensus is clear: entertainment venues are no place for animals, especially when their participation involves exposure to stress-inducing stimuli like loud noises and bright lights. The incident not only reveals a disturbing lack of empathy but also highlights the need for immediate and enforceable guidelines to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

We, therefore, urge you to take a firm stance on this issue by implementing stricter regulations that safeguard animals from being used in entertainment practices that pose a risk to their health and wellbeing. We must advocate for those who cannot voice their distress and ensure that entertainment does not come at the expense of animal welfare. We demand prompt action to ensure that this and similar acts of alleged mistreatment are not repeated.


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Photo credit: Helena Lopes

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