Enact Ban on Conversion Therapy

Target: Emma Roddick, Scotland Minister for Equalities, Migration and Refugees

Goal: Proceed with ban on conversion therapy that harms marginalized LGBTQ+ citizens.

A recent report found that nearly one-fifth of LGBTQ+ United Kingdom citizens had been subjected to damaging attempts to change their sexual orientation or gender identity. Such attempts, especially when inflicted upon youth, can cause irreparable psychological and even physical harm. A new proposal in Scotland could protect this nation’s vulnerable citizens.

The proposed law would ban “conversion practices which seek to change or suppress a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity.” While critics are quick to condemn the proposal as overreach and infringing on parental rights, the proposal stresses that actions must meet the criteria of being harmful and coercive to fall under the ban. Advocates for the law say that it is not intended to prevent parents from talking with their children or to imprison parents, as some alarmists have claimed. Rather, the proposal at its core is meant to safeguard a population historically vulnerable to discrimination and mental wellness issues up to and including suicide.

Sign the petition below to support this protection for marginalized communities.


Dear Minister Roddick,

Please do not let critics or election concerns curb your efforts to protect members of the Scottish LGBTQ+ community, especially vulnerable youth. These individuals should be the priority, and legislation to protect them from psychological harm and oppressive, damaging actions should not fall victim to politics. Listen to the concerns of critics.

Then, move forward with a conversion therapy ban that will safeguard future generations.


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  1. People today are not mentally sound to begin with and now these conversion therapies are used and have failed. People are people and do not want to be born in a way that offends as people simply want to live and let live. Yet there are many among us who say they want to help but I’m not sure this can be helped any more than being born in a male body but being female or being born wanting a different sexual expression than that of the so called norm. Every one is special and everyone wants to be accepted and loved. But we are not all the same. I wish we could accept others who are different than ourselves so that all people could feel loved and cared for I this world!

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