Justice for Pitbull Reportedly Thrown From 9th Floor

Target: Frédéric Baab, Public Prosecutor of Paris, France

Goal: Ensure rigorous punishment for the individual behind the pitbull’s tragic demise

Allegations have surfaced of a pitbull cruelly thrown from a 9th story near Paris. Reports indicate this egregious act resulted in the animal’s death from sustained injuries. Shockwaves have reverberated through communities, with many voices rising in unison for justice.

Further details reveal the accused has been apprehended and is facing animal cruelty charges. Yet, this incident highlights a deeper societal issue. The need for more severe consequences for those who inflict harm on animals is evident. The outcry following this act shows a collective yearning for justice and a staunch stance against animal cruelty.

This petition demands action. For too long, acts of violence against defenseless creatures have not been met with an adequate legal response. Advocate for laws that reflect the seriousness of such crimes. We call upon the local prosecutor to lead this change, ensuring the individual responsible faces the full extent of the law.


Dear Prosecutor Baab,

A disturbing event recently unfolded where a pitbull was reportedly thrown from a 9th floor, succumbing to its injuries. This seemingly heinous act has ignited widespread outrage and a clamor for justice. As the protector of our community’s moral and legal standards, your role in addressing this atrocity is crucial.

This incident is not isolated but symptomatic of broader issues of animal cruelty. It underscores the urgent need for stringent legal actions to deter future acts of violence against animals. The community’s response reflects a collective desire for justice and an end to such barbarity.

We urge you to take a firm stance. By ensuring the individual responsible for this pitbull’s tragic end faces severe punishment, you will send a powerful message. It’s time to underscore the value of all lives and the importance of compassion towards our fellow beings.


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Photo credit: Marina Malcevski kyboom

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  1. This was an extremely serious crime. It demands a serious prosecution and punishment. What a horrible way to die. This crime needs to be in a court of law and end in prison for this person if their mental acuity is normal.n People are so loathsome these days. They feel they can attack those who can not speak for themselves. Yet a crime against those who are innocents needs to be swift and extremely harsh! No kindness need be shown for none was shown for the victim. Why must the world have people such as this being forced upon the rest of us to contend with? Throw this disgusting person I the back of a prison and close the gate.

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