Animal Welfare Activist Reportedly Targeted in Repeated Attacks Deserves Justice

Target: M. K. Stalin, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, India

Goal: Ensure rigorous prosecution of those behind alleged attacks on an animal welfare activist.

The plight of Sai Vignesh, an animal welfare activist from Chennai in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, highlights an allegedly disturbing scenario. His dedication to rescuing animals and combating illegal activities has made him a target for violence. His efforts have reportedly led to the busting of over 100 animal abuse cases, placing him in potential danger.

Earlier, a miscreant allegedly tried to assault Vignesh with a machete, underscoreing the severe risks he faces. Despite his vehicle being damaged in an attempt to evade the attacker and filing a FIR–the first step in initiating a legal investigation–threats persist. His appeals for police protection were apprently initially ignored, necessitating seeking justice through the Madras High Court.

The necessity for immediate legal action is paramount. The relentless pursuit of justice for the voiceless by activists like Vignesh must be safeguarded. A thorough investigation into these alleged attacks, ensuring those responsible are held accountable, is demanded. Without firm action, the safety of such activists remains in jeopardy. Take action now.


Dear CM M. K. Stalin,

The apparent repeated assaults against Sai Vignesh, a dedicated animal welfare activist, are deeply concerning. His commendable work in exposing over 100 cases of animal abuse has unfortunately made him an target for allegedly violent retribution. The latest reported attack, involving an attempted assault with a machete, underscores the grave dangers he faces for his advocacy.

Despite Vignesh’s critical role in aiding law enforcement and his efforts in founding the Almighty Animal Care Trust, his pleas for protection were reportedly overlooked initially. It was only after the intervention of the Madras High Court that he received the protection of two armed policemen. This reported scenario reveals a disturbing lack of support for individuals fighting against illegal animal trafficking and abuse.

Therefore, I urge you to take immediate and decisive action. Investigate these alleged assaults thoroughly and prosecute the perpetrators to the fullest extent of the law. By doing so, you will not only uphold justice for Vignesh but also send a clear message that such acts of intimidation against activists will not be tolerated.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Sai Vignesh


  1. It’s India, again! Here we have one man, dedicated to animal kindness, who has stepped up to help, not harm! His reward, is those who are looking to blame someone else so as not to suffer the blame for their own guilt and malicious ways, are attempting to kill him. And outrageously, India, does nothing! India knows yet allows the evil to continue. Why? Once recognized as the Spiritual Capitol of the World is now a back street alley for filth? Where are the good people? Where have the believers gone? Have you no standards? This one good man is worth more than the total of India. It’s all in your hands. His life, any respect left for India, any hope for the future where we all live as one.

  2. What the hell… India has become one of the worst places on earth for Women, Animals & now these evil satanists are attacking Animal Rescuers.
    Stay safe Sai Vignesh.. You are an Angel.. So sorry this is happening to you.
    Come on Indian Government… The Raping, Murdering of Women & Girls,,, Animal Raping, Torture & Slaughtering Is OUT OF CONTROL!!! WHY are these evil subhuman monsters allowed to do this??? They MUST be severely Punished,, LOCK THEM UP FOR GOOD!!

  3. Why is this hero being ignored and treated so badly? India needs to, protect and appreciate such a brave and unique animal welfare activist like Sai Vignesh as he is doing good deeds for the country. Empathy and humanity towards animals are so important they cant be taken for granted!

  4. What is wrong with people seriously, to attack a good hearted kind man who’s saving animals from a life of cruelty should be applauded not beaten in fact the person or persons that did this are no better than the perpetrators who savagely torture innocent defenseless animals! You’re day is coming you will be found guilty then locked up or at least if their system of justice is honest hopefully you will be, then you get to look over your shoulder every day expecting to get yours! You know what they say Karma is a b—h

  5. Robert Ortiz says:

    Typical. Instead of taking responsibility for their actions and owning up to the fact that they are disgusting animal abusers, they would rather target compassionate people doing something to help defenseless animals. There must be justice and the animal abusers should be punished and locked up for good!

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