Stray Dogs Allegedly Assaulted With Stones and Sticks Deserve Justice

Target: Nandyala Municipal Corporation Commissioner Niranjan Reddy, Andhra Pradesh, India

Goal: Implement stringent legal actions against individuals reportedly mistreating stray dogs.

Recent reports highlight a disturbing trend of cruelty towards stray dogs at Nandyala in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Allegedly, some people have resorted to throwing stones and beating these animals with sticks. Such actions not only cause immediate harm but also instil fear and distress within the stray dog population.

Further allegations detail the extent of this mistreatment, from physical abuse to neglect. These acts reportedly take place in public spaces, often witnessed by passersby, yet go unpunished. This behavior not only endangers the well-being of these animals but also sets a troubling example for community conduct towards vulnerable beings.

The call for legal action against such alleged cruelty is not only about punishing the wrongdoers. It’s a plea for compassion, justice, and a safer environment for all living beings. Urge the implementation of measures to protect these animals, including legal consequences for those who harm them.


Dear Commissioner Niranjan Reddy,

I write to express deep concern over the reported mistreatment of stray dogs within our community. Allegations of individuals throwing stones and using sticks against these animals are not only disturbing but demand urgent attention and action.

Such acts of cruelty reflect poorly on our community’s values and the standards we uphold towards the treatment of animals. It’s imperative to address these allegations with the seriousness they warrant. Legal measures against those found guilty of such actions would serve as a strong deterrent and showcase our commitment to animal welfare.

Therefore, I urge you to take swift and decisive action. Implementing stringent legal penalties for those who mistreat stray dogs will send a clear message: cruelty towards animals is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Let us work together to ensure our community is safe and compassionate for all its members, human and animal alike.


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Photo credit: Andreas Metz


  1. Lori Stearns says:

    Why wouldn’t I sign?

  2. India, please be kind to your animals. Stray animals have the right to live safely on the street too! Step up your animal laws and start respecting them! You’d surprised that you will have good karma and earn some respect from animal lovers globally.

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