Pomsky Allegedly Thrown Off Second-Story Deck Deserves Justice

Target: Raymond Tonkin, District Attorney of Pike County, Pennsylvania, USA

Goal: Ensure stringent legal consequences for reported acts of animal cruelty.

A distressing incident in Pike County has sparked outrage and calls for justice. Allegations have surfaced against an individual accused of causing harm to a defenseless dog. This situation is not only shocking but deeply disturbing, highlighting a cruel disregard for animal welfare.

Reports suggest a nine-pound pomsky suffered after being thrown off a second-story deck. The animal, in the care of someone trusted, allegedly endured pain and fear, an act that speaks volumes about a shocking lack of empathy. Details of the ordeal, including the pet’s apparent forced confinement in a crate with a broken leg, are heart-wrenching.

Such alleged actions cannot go unaddressed. They underscore the urgent need for legal intervention. By raising our voices, we demand accountability and justice. This petition seeks to ensure that those accused face appropriate legal scrutiny and consequences. Protect the innocent and prevent future acts of cruelty.


Dear DA Raymond Tonkin,

A grave concern brings us to seek your immediate attention and action. An alleged incident of animal cruelty in Pike County demands a thorough investigation and appropriate legal response. A dog, reportedly subjected to unimaginable pain by being thrown off a second-story deck, embodies a clear case of egregious harm.

The details emerging from this case are disturbing. Allegedly, the accused not only inflicted physical harm but showed a blatant disregard for the animal’s suffering by confining it with a broken leg. Such acts, if proven, represent a violation of trust and a serious crime against a helpless animal.

We implore you to ensure that this case receives the attention it deserves. It is imperative that justice is served, both as a deterrent and as a statement of our community’s values. We demand that all those involved be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law, reflecting the severity of their alleged actions.


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Photo credit: Neusje van Geusje

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