Justice for Defenseless Cat Stuffed in Trash Bag and Slammed Against Ground

Target: Mike Gmoser, Butler County Prosecutor, Pennsylvania, USA

Goal: Ensure the individual responsible for the cruel abuse of a cat faces full legal consequences.

A chilling incident at the Indian Springs Apartment Complex in Hamilton revealed a heinous act of cruelty that shook the community to its core. Disturbing footage captured a man, reportedly unassociated with the complex, ensnaring an innocent cat, only to confine it within a stark white trash bag. What followed was a gut-wrenching scene: the bag, with the cat inside, was mercilessly slammed against the ground. This act of barbarity wasn’t just a display of violence; it was a stark illustration of the depths of cruelty one can inflict on a defenseless animal.

The aftermath of this appalling act laid bare the consequences of such brutality. The cat, discovered behind the building, bore the scars of the vile treatment it endured – a fractured pelvis and a broken spine, injuries so severe that recovery remained beyond the realm of possibility. This innocent creature’s life, filled with suffering and pain, was concluded with the somber act of euthanasia. The gravity of this offense is magnified by the alleged premeditation and disregard for life, as evidenced by the suspect’s actions, meticulously captured by the vigilant eyes of surveillance cameras.

This heart-wrenching incident demands more than just a fleeting glance or a momentary expression of sympathy. It necessitates immediate, decisive action. The person behind this reprehensible act must face the full force of the law, ensuring that justice is not just served but seen to be served. Take swift and resolute action, ensuring that the individual responsible is not merely identified but is also held accountable to the fullest extent of legal statutes.


Dear Mike Gmoser,

The community of Butler County was recently shaken by an act of cruelty so vile that it has left an indelible mark on the hearts of all who bear witness. A defenseless cat was subjected to unspeakable torment: trapped in a trash bag, violently slammed against the ground, and left with injuries so severe that its only escape was through euthanasia. This wasn’t merely an act of violence; it was a declaration of disdain for life and empathy, a challenge to the values we hold dear as a society.

This heinous act, captured in stark detail by surveillance, has not only caused irreparable harm to an innocent animal but has also cast a shadow over our community, stirring a deep and resounding call for justice. The individual responsible for this cruelty has not just broken legal statutes but has fractured the moral foundation upon which our community stands. It is imperative, therefore, that this case be pursued with the utmost rigor and determination, ensuring that the full weight of the law is brought to bear upon the perpetrator.

I, along with the community of Butler County and advocates for justice everywhere, implore you to act decisively. We urge you to use every resource at your disposal to ensure that this case is not relegated to the annals of forgotten atrocities but stands as a testament to our collective resolve to protect the vulnerable and uphold justice. Let this moment be a turning point, a clear and unequivocal statement that cruelty, in any form, shall not find safe harbor in our midst.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Pete Markham


  1. Pamela Plambeck says:

    This completely sickening disregard for innocent, sentient life must be addressed decisively, with consequences that fit the crime. Enough!

  2. People are so heartless they commits these crimes without remorse. Find this criminal. He is on tape and somewhere, someone knows something. This cat should not die in vain. This may be a teenager. If so charge them and the parents. Parents are aware and need to be tried and face punishment. People abuse animals and then move on to children. This is a fact. Our laws, courts and prosecutors, judges, and DA’s do not take these offenses seriously. They should as the next time it will be worse. The law must take itself inconsideration. If a person breaks the laws, abuses innocents, they need to be charged along with the criminals. Our legs system is failing our society. This can not happen! Charge the criminals, the parents and the lawyers. Then, this will stop!

  3. Surprise surprise, it’s Pennsylvania – again. Where the Amish abuse animals literally to death, where puppy mills flourish and where the legal authorities don’t care about the pervasive and vile animal abuse in their state. I challenge Mr Gmoser to do something about this, to send this sociopath to prison and to not only enforce what lax laws they have, but to enact better, stronger protections for the animals trapped in Pennsylvania. Bet it never happens.

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