Beloved Chicken Allegedly Thrown to Alligator Deserves Justice

Target: Ms. Ashoorina Anoya, Prosecutor of the Raymond Terrace Local Court, Australia

Goal: Ensure stringent legal action against the individual accused of a brutal act against Betty White the chicken.

Betty White, a silkie bantam chook with an endearing disposition, reportedly became a victim of a horrifying act. On a seemingly serene afternoon, families at the Oakvale Wildlife Park were left aghast as Betty, an integral part of an endangered species breeding program, was allegedly snatched and thrown into an alligator pen. This purported act of aggravated cruelty, involving a creature known for its quiet nature and beloved by countless people, has stirred profound dismay and calls for stern legal measures. Peter William Smith, 57, faces charges linked to this alleged atrocity, vehemently claiming innocence in the face of such disturbing accusations.

Further details portray a scene of brutality and indifference to animal welfare. Allegedly, between 2.57pm and 3.10pm on January 2, Smith is accused of committing this heinous act, stripping Betty White of her life and her invaluable contribution to the sanctuary. The Oakvale Wildlife Park, a haven for animals for over 43 years, has never before witnessed such alleged cruelty from a visitor. The loss of Betty, who was more than just a chicken but a cherished member of the park’s community, has left a void and a call for justice that cannot be ignored.

The moral fiber of our society mandates that we stand against such alleged acts of cruelty and seek justice for the innocent. Betty White, a symbol of nature’s fragility and our responsibility towards it, deserves nothing less than a rigorous pursuit of truth and accountability. Hence, it is imperative that the Prosecutor of the Raymond Terrace Local Court takes decisive action, ensuring that if these allegations hold true, the perpetrator faces the full weight of the law, sending a clear message that such alleged barbarity will not be tolerated.


Dear Ms. Ashoorina Anoya,

The alleged incident involving Betty White, a beloved member of the Oakvale Wildlife Park family, has not just shocked the local community, but also animal lovers and conservationists globally. The allegations against Peter William Smith paint a grim picture of animal cruelty and a blatant disregard for the sanctity of life and the welfare of creatures under our protection. Betty White was not just a chicken; she was a beloved fixture at the wildlife park and a symbol of the trust and care that should be afforded to all living beings.

This case transcends the boundaries of a single incident; it is a test of our societal values and our commitment to upholding the rights of all creatures against alleged acts of cruelty and barbarism. The disturbing nature of these allegations, coupled with the emotional and ecological void left by Betty White’s absence, demands a thorough and unyielding pursuit of justice. We implore you to approach this case with the gravity it warrants and ensure that if found guilty, the accused faces a penalty commensurate with the severity of the alleged act.

In conclusion, we, the undersigned, firmly believe in the principles of justice and the protection of the vulnerable. We urge you to act decisively and ensure that this alleged act of cruelty does not go unpunished. It is only through stringent legal measures and an unwavering stand against such alleged acts that we can hope to foster a more compassionate and just society.


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Photo credit: AnemoneProjectors

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  1. This man did this to an innocent creature. There is no recon to do such a vile actions. Now he pleases innocence? I think not. He should not be allowed to walk away without harm as those who loved this chicken will see that why mean nothing in our world and that such a disgraceful excuse of a man walked away. Being guilty has its punishment. Betty wold still be alive if not for this evil man. Charge him. At 57 years ild he knows better. He also knows what awaits him.

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