Justice for Puppy Reportedly Thrown From High-Rise

Target: Laxmi Singh, Commissioner of Police, Greater Noida, India

Goal: Ensure stringent legal action against individuals allegedly involved in a heinous act of animal cruelty.

A horrifying incident surfaced from Greater Noida in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, where a minor is alleged to have thrown a puppy from a high-rise, leading to its tragic demise. The act, caught on video and virally shared, appears to depict the puppy’s desperate attempts to escape, its cries unheard and unheeded. This incident is not isolated; reports indicate a disturbing pattern of cruelty towards animals in the locality, including cases of puppies being crushed under vehicles and suspicious deaths possibly due to poisoning.

Further disturbing is the reported involvement of children in such acts, influenced by hatred and fear-mongering against stray animals, propagated by adults in the community. The alleged involvement of an adult in the latest incident, possibly overseeing the act, raises grave concerns about the moral compass and the psychological conditioning of the young minds in society. This act of cruelty, along with the community’s underlying animosity towards animals, necessitates immediate and decisive action.

The need for stringent legal action is clear, not only to serve justice for the innocent life lost but also to set a precedent, deterring future acts of cruelty. This petition calls for the authorities to not only hold the individuals accountable for this specific act of violence but also to address the broader issue of animal cruelty and psychological assessment and intervention for the youth involved. Demand a thorough investigation, legal action commensurate with the gravity of the offense, and a structured community intervention to foster empathy and kindness towards all living beings.


Dear Commissioner of Police, Greater Noida,

The community is shaken by the recent incident in Greater Noida, where a puppy was allegedly thrown from a high-rise, its death a stark symbol of the cruelty pervading our society. This act, reportedly perpetrated by a minor under the watch of an adult, is part of a distressing trend of violence against animals in the area. Such acts of cruelty not only end innocent lives but also stain the moral fabric of our community, highlighting a concerning desensitization to violence and suffering.

It is imperative to address this issue with the seriousness it warrants. The alleged involvement of children in such acts, influenced by a culture of animosity towards animals, is particularly alarming. It speaks to a deeper societal issue that requires immediate attention and action. We urge you to ensure a comprehensive investigation into this incident and the broader pattern of animal cruelty in the area. The individuals responsible, regardless of their age, must face consequences fitting the severity of their actions.

This petition is a call for justice, not just for the innocent animal that lost its life but for the values of compassion and empathy we must uphold in our society. We demand stringent legal action against those involved in the puppy’s death and a proactive approach to prevent such incidents in the future, including educational and community-based initiatives to foster respect for life in all its forms.


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Photo credit: Surat Lozowick

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  1. Considering that the freak who did this is supposedly a minor I’d venture to say they learned this depraved indifference to life from the adults around them. That says a lot about India and none of it is good. India needs to get a grip on their countrywide animal abuse situation, it is horrific and indicative of a society with no moral compass or care for life. This is how your society goes further downhill, it that what you want?

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