Justice for Reportedly Brutal Dog Abuse With Metal Chain in Broad Daylight

Target: RJ Larizza, State Attorney for Florida’s 7th Judicial Circuit, USA

Goal: Ensure severe legal consequences for the individual accused of the dog’s brutal beating and endangering bystanders.

In Volusia County, a disturbing scene unfolded as witnesses recounted a man allegedly assaulting his dog using a metal chain. This distressing incident, reportedly involving Julio Rivera, escalated into multiple alleged offenses, including animal cruelty and battery against concerned bystanders. Witness Raymon Prush described the harrowing ordeal, stating the dog was repeatedly struck, a sight that shocked and mobilized the community.

Further details of the incident reveal the extent of the alleged violence. The accused did not only target the defenseless animal but allegedly lashed out at individuals attempting to intervene, including a minor and a couple who bravely rescued the dog. These actions, coupled with Rivera’s reported history of violence, paint a picture of a dangerous pattern of behavior, necessitating immediate and decisive legal intervention.

This petition insists on stringent legal action against the accused, reflecting the gravity of the allegations and the community’s outcry. The reported acts of cruelty and aggression demand a firm response to uphold justice and prevent future harm. As members of a society committed to safety and compassion, we must advocate for the voiceless and ensure that such alleged acts of violence are met with the full force of the law.


Dear State Attorney RJ Larizza,

The community of Volusia County was recently shaken by reports of a man, Julio Rivera, allegedly engaging in brutal acts of violence against a defenseless dog and several bystanders. This incident, as described by eyewitnesses, highlights a disturbing disregard for life and safety, necessitating your immediate attention and action. The severity of the allegations, including the use of a metal chain as a weapon against an animal and the subsequent endangerment of concerned citizens, calls for a response proportionate to the shock and disturbance it has caused in the community.

The reported details of this incident, notably the alleged attack on a defenseless dog and the aggression towards individuals, including a minor, who bravely intervened, underscore the urgent need for justice. These actions, set against the backdrop of the accused’s prior charges, suggest a pattern of behavior that poses a significant threat to the community and its most vulnerable members, both human and animal. It is crucial that these allegations are pursued with the utmost seriousness to ensure that such behavior is not left unchecked.

In light of these disturbing allegations, I urge you to take swift and decisive legal action. The community’s trust in the justice system hinges on the assurance that those who allegedly commit such acts face consequences reflective of the gravity of their actions. We look to you to uphold the principles of justice and compassion, ensuring that the alleged wrongdoings are addressed appropriately and that our community, and its animals, are safeguarded against future acts of violence.


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