Justice for Pet Dog Allegedly Killed by Neighbor

Target: Ben Berkstresser, District Attorney of Webster County, Missouri, USA

Goal: Ensure rigorous prosecution of the individual accused of the heinous act against Teddy, ensuring justice prevails.

Teddy’s life ended in tragedy, leaving a family shattered and a community in disbelief. The heart-wrenching incident unfolded when John Edward Pace allegedly took a pocket knife to Teddy’s skull. This action was reportedly in response to a claimed attack while collecting mail. The gruesome nature of Teddy’s demise, detailed by devastated owners, underscores the need for a stern legal response. The described severity of this confrontation demands that we, as a community, stand firmly against such acts of violence, especially when justification seems tenuous at best.

Details surrounding the incident suggest conflicting narratives. While Pace asserts self-defense, evidence and witness statements paint a different picture. The absence of video evidence capturing the initial encounter leaves critical questions unanswered. However, the footage available and statements from Teddy’s owners, Travis Cummings and Jenifer Smith, cast doubt on the self-defense claim. This ambiguity, coupled with the emotional testimony of Teddy’s owners, who are haunted by the loss, amplifies the urgency for thorough legal scrutiny. It is paramount that this case receives meticulous examination to ensure that justice accurately reflects the gravity of the allegations.

The pain expressed by Cummings and Smith, confronted daily with the site of their pet’s violent end, resonates deeply. Their quest for justice is not merely for Teddy but a stand against violence that shatters the sanctity of home and family. As they navigate their grief, their plea for justice echoes the community’s collective call for accountability. In honoring Teddy’s memory, it is imperative that the legal system responds with due diligence and transparency. This petition, therefore, urges you to pursue the most stringent legal avenues available, ensuring that the actions on that fateful day are scrutinized with the utmost rigor and that the scales of justice weigh heavily in favor of the innocent.


Dear DA Ben Berkstresser,

The tragic demise of Teddy, a beloved family pet, has deeply affected not just a family but the entire community. This poignant case, involving John Edward Pace, raises substantial questions about the nature of self-defense and the sanctity of life, human or animal. The details, as reported, suggest a disturbingly disproportionate response to an alleged pet altercation. It is a matter that compels us to seek your intervention, ensuring that justice is not only done but is seen to be done.

The conflicting narratives between self-reported defense and the evidence presented by the bereaved family necessitate a thorough and unbiased examination. The absence of complete video coverage of the incident should not overshadow the gravity of the outcome—a family forever bereft of their cherished companion, Teddy. The emotional impact on Travis Cummings and Jenifer Smith, coupled with the community’s outcry, underscores the need for a comprehensive legal review. It is crucial that this case be approached with the seriousness it warrants, reflecting the community’s trust in the justice system to uphold the principles of fairness and justice.

In light of these considerations, we urge you to apply the full extent of legal scrutiny in the prosecution of this case. Let the legal proceedings reflect the community’s denunciation of violence and its commitment to justice. We trust in your role as a steward of justice to ensure that the circumstances surrounding Teddy’s tragic end are meticulously examined and that the outcome of this case serves as a testament to the community’s unwavering stand against unwarranted violence.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Jon Mountjoy


  1. So he carved up a poor dogs skull because he thinks he was being attacked? Was he bitten, or scratched or knocked down? No evidence of that it seems. Nope, this is just another animal hating coward who thought this would be fun to do, likely retaliating against the dog because someone ate the last popsicle in his freezer, and because he doesn’t like dogs. Phony excuse, put him in jail before some unlucky child gets in his path, he’s a psychopath.

  2. sicko should be put away

  3. Sherry Akridge says:

    John Edward Pace is a disgusting murderer. He is a psychopath for sure. That monster does not deserve to breathe after what he did to Teddy! Stabbing a dog in the head! Put that psychopath away!
    My heart breaks for Teddy and his family.💔

  4. Lesley Rodger says:

    I highly doubt that Teddy attacked the postman, because his owners would never have let the dog out in their yard if he was dangerous. Also, the postman obviously had the ability and time to sadistically kill the poor dog with a pocketknife and was not apparently injure by the dog whilst he was doing all that . The poor dog was probably terrified. The postman obviously attacked the dog for probably just jumping up to greet the postman. That postman is a cruel brute and the lying scum deserves to be fired and prosecuted for cruelty.

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