Justice for Horses Allegedly Abused by Renowned Rider on Camera

Target: Ingmar De Vos, President of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI)

Goal: Ensure strict enforcement of animal welfare laws and impose severe penalties for the alleged abuse and cruelty in equestrian training.

Shocking allegations have surfaced against Cesar Parra, a prominent figure in the equestrian world, casting a shadow over the sport renowned for its grace and partnership between horse and rider. A distressing video, which emerged on Instagram, allegedly shows Parra engaging in acts of severe mistreatment towards two horses, actions that contradict the very essence of equestrian ethics and integrity. This alleged abuse, reportedly involving repetitive whipping and cruel training methods, has provoked outrage and demands for justice within the community and beyond.

Further revelations exacerbate the gravity of the situation. Additional material, widely circulated online, depicts scenes of alleged cruelty: horses with their heads forcibly restrained, visible whip welts, scars, and blood marks – a stark contrast to the respect and care that these noble animals rightfully deserve. These allegations, if true, represent not just a breach of trust but a fundamental violation of equestrian standards and animal welfare principles. The FEI’s immediate response, a provisional suspension of Parra pending investigation, is a step in the right direction, yet our collective voice is crucial in demanding a more profound and lasting change.

The essence of equestrian sport is built on respect and empathy towards our equine partners. The distressing images and reports associated with Parra’s training methods, if accurate, are not only abhorrent but also a stark violation of the principles upheld by the FEI. As enthusiasts, practitioners, and advocates of the sport, ensure that justice prevails, sending a clear message that such alleged behavior is intolerable. Call on the President of the FEI to uphold the highest standards of animal welfare, ensure a thorough and unbiased investigation, and impose the most severe penalties if these allegations are substantiated.


Dear President Ingmar De Vos,

The equestrian community is shaken by the recent allegations against Cesar Parra, a situation that demands your immediate and unwavering attention. The footage and images that have come to light are not only disturbing but, if proven true, a blatant violation of the ethics and welfare standards that the FEI staunchly upholds. It is imperative that these allegations are met with a thorough and transparent investigation, ensuring that justice is not just done, but seen to be done for the sake of the horses allegedly subjected to such cruelty.

The principles of our sport are clear and non-negotiable: respect, dignity, and humane treatment of our equine counterparts are paramount. The allegations against Parra, involving alleged whipping, restraint, and the infliction of pain and fear, stand in stark contrast to these values. If these accusations are confirmed, they demand not only condemnation but also the imposition of the strictest sanctions to reflect the severity of the acts and to deter any such conduct in the future.

Therefore, we, the undersigned, urge you to act decisively and judiciously. We call for a robust response that not only addresses the individual case of alleged abuse but also fortifies the framework of accountability and protection within the sport. It is crucial that the FEI not only investigates these allegations with the utmost seriousness but also takes a firm stand to reinforce that cruelty and abuse have no place in equestrian sports. We trust in your commitment to justice and the welfare of every horse under the FEI’s purview and look forward to your prompt action in this matter.


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Photo credit: Jean van der Meulen


  1. Sherry Akridge says:

    Cesar Parra is abusing horses! It clearly shows that in the videos. He needs to be stopped. Can you imagine the abuse he has inflicted on these innocent horses.

  2. Parra is shown on video abusing horses. He has said good bye to all respect he enjoyed as a trainer, not to mention the money. Now he is not even a human being. This will all but destroy horse racing which is not the walk in the park people think it is. These horses are drugged, forced to run for their lives, if hurt they are shot and in the end, no matter how many crowns they have won, they are sold to slaughter houses in Canada and Mexico, by their owners. It was different in the past when owners cared for the horses they ran in the races. There are other sports with horses where both horse and rider are treated and trained well. They are the exceptions. Racing for money and fame is the most degrading and disgusting way to support yourself. Racing is linked to other criminal activities as well. What was a dream has become a nightmare for horses.

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