Justice for Horse Found Deceased Allegedly Due to Neglect

Target: Summer Stephan, District Attorney of San Diego County, California, US

Goal: Ensure strict enforcement of animal cruelty laws and hold those responsible for alleged neglect and abuse on Rancho Santa Fe properties accountable.

The distressing pattern of animal deaths and alleged neglect at two properties in Rancho Santa Fe raises grave concerns. Despite previous investigations into the deaths of horses and alleged cruelty towards dogs under the care of Craig Netwig and Debra Barkley, a chilling sequence persists. The recent discovery of yet another deceased horse on their property has reignited public outcry and skepticism towards the effectiveness of local animal welfare enforcement.

In light of these troubling incidents, the community’s trust in the adequacy of local animal welfare oversight wanes. Allegations suggest a dire situation: insufficient investigative measures, inadequate animal care expertise, particularly in equine health, and a seemingly perpetual cycle of unaddressed complaints. The heart of the issue lies not only in the reportedly distressing discoveries on these properties but also in the systemic inadequacies that allow such situations to remain unresolved.

The urgency for change is palpable. For too long, the allegations of negligence and the mistreatment of vulnerable animals have cast a shadow over Rancho Santa Fe. This petition calls for immediate and decisive action. It demands that those allegedly responsible for this cycle of neglect and cruelty be held accountable under the fullest extent of the law. Furthermore, it insists on a review and strengthening of the protocols and responsiveness of local animal welfare agencies to ensure that allegations of cruelty receive the attention and action they warrant.


Dear DA Summer Stephan,

The recurring allegations of animal neglect and cruelty on properties owned by Craig Netwig and Debra Barkley in Rancho Santa Fe necessitate your urgent attention and action. The community’s faith in local animal welfare protections is severely shaken, underscored by the recent discovery of yet another deceased horse, amidst claims of ongoing neglect. These incidents are not only deeply troubling in their own right but also indicative of a broader failure in safeguarding the welfare of animals within our jurisdiction.

The pattern of allegations, lack of transparency in ongoing investigations, and the reported inadequacies in animal welfare expertise, particularly in equine health, are unacceptable. The situation demands not just a reaction to the symptoms but a comprehensive overhaul of the system’s response to animal cruelty allegations. It is imperative that we bridge the gap between the community’s expectations and the current state of animal welfare enforcement.

In light of these grave concerns, this petition urges you to take swift and decisive legal action against those allegedly responsible for the neglect and abuse of animals on these properties. Furthermore, we call for a thorough review of the procedures and effectiveness of local animal welfare bodies, ensuring that future allegations are met with the seriousness and urgency they undoubtedly warrant.


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Photo credit: Uroš Novina

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  1. Stop wasting your time and just shot the two bastard for killing all the horse 🐎 and dogs 🐕 just put them two 10 feet under ground

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