Dog Reportedly Left to Starve and Abandoned Like Trash Deserves Justice

Target: Tammy Tyrrell, Senator – Tasmania, Australia

Goal: Initiate a rigorous investigation into the alleged neglect and abandonment of Lucy.

In southern Tasmania, a heart-wrenching incident has come to light. Lucy, an innocent dog, was reportedly left to fend for herself, akin to the household trash. It appears she was abandoned and neglected, facing days of starvation, a plight that no living being should endure. Brightside Farm Sanctuary’s revelation of this harrowing tale has ignited a fervent call for justice. An investigation into this alarming case of alleged neglect is not just warranted; it is crucial.

Further disturbing details emerged, painting a bleak picture of Lucy’s ordeal. Months of apparent starvation in a backyard, followed by a heartless abandonment by her owner. This narrative is not just a story; it represents a deep-seated issue that plagues our society – the allegedly inhumane treatment of animals. The sanctuary’s message was clear: neglect and abuse of dogs are increasingly visible, yet unacceptable under any circumstance. Drugs or other excuses do not mitigate the gravity of abandoning a sentient being to a cruel fate.

The imperative for action is undeniable. The reported neglect of Lucy is not an isolated incident but a symptom of a broader issue that requires immediate and decisive intervention. The demand is straightforward: a thorough investigation by the authorities into this case and, by extension, into treating animals in similar predicaments. Only through accountability and stringent enforcement of animal welfare laws can we aspire to a community that upholds compassion and justice for all living creatures. Take immediate action.


Dear Tammy Tyrrell,

The troubling case of Lucy, a dog allegedly left to starve and abandoned like mere rubbish in southern Tasmania, demands your immediate attention. This distressing account, brought to light by Brightside Farm Sanctuary, is not just a narrative of one animal’s suffering but a glaring indication of a larger, more systemic issue. The alleged neglect and inhumane treatment Lucy endured must not be dismissed or overlooked. Instead, it should catalyze stringent legal scrutiny and a renewed commitment to animal welfare.

Lucy’s story is a testament to a disturbing trend of animal neglect and abuse. Her months of reported starvation, followed by a callous abandonment, are not just acts of individual negligence but are indicative of a societal malaise that must be addressed. This case must be investigated thoroughly to bring justice to Lucy and to send a clear message that such alleged acts of cruelty will not be tolerated. The community’s trust in the justice system hinges on its ability to protect the most vulnerable, including animals.

In conclusion, I urge you to initiate a comprehensive investigation into the alleged neglect and abandonment of Lucy. This case is a poignant reminder of the urgent need for vigilance and strict enforcement of animal welfare laws. By ensuring accountability in this case, you have the power to affirm our collective commitment to compassion and justice for all beings.


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Photo credit: Kerri Lee Smith

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