Horses and Dog Reportedly Found Emaciated and Abandoned on Farm Deserve Justice

Target: Fernando Clavijo Batlle, President of Canary Islands, Spain

Goal: Ensure strict penalties for the individual allegedly involved in the distressing case of animal neglect.

Unimaginable suffering reportedly befell two horses and a dog discovered in appalling conditions on a Gran Canaria farm. The initial probe by authorities reportedly unveiled a scene so distressing that one horse, too weak to stand, met a merciful end through euthanasia. The other animals, though alive, bore the scars of severe neglect: emaciation, muscle atrophy, and abandonment.

Further inquiry into this grim scenario reportedly exposed a chilling reality: the farm, a wasteland of refuse and devoid of proper shelter, was no place for any living creature. The alleged perpetrator, shockingly, had apparently forsaken these innocent animals for three weeks. The neglect was so severe that outsiders felt compelled to intervene, providing sustenance to prevent further tragedy.

This case speaks volumes of the importance of vigilant public reporting and strict adherence to animal welfare laws. The suffering endured by these animals, due to alleged negligence, must be met with stringent legal repercussions. Ensure that those responsible face the full force of the law.


Dear Fernando Clavijo Batlle,

A case of heart-wrenching cruelty has cast a shadow over Gran Canaria. Two horses and a dog, in a pitiful display of neglect, were reportedly found in conditions that have shocked the community. The neglect was reportedly so profound that one horse, beyond help, had to be euthanized. The remaining animals, though alive, reportedly exhibited clear signs of severe mistreatment.

This distressing situation unveils a larger issue of animal welfare negligence. The alleged perpetrator’s apparent blatant disregard for the well-being of these innocent creatures, evidenced by their prolonged absence and the deplorable state of the farm, demands your immediate attention. It is not only a matter of punishing this grievous act but also a crucial step in reinforcing the sanctity of animal rights and welfare.

We beseech you to pursue this case with the utmost severity. Let this serve as a precedent, affirming that such blatant disregard for life and law will not be tolerated. We urge you to take decisive action, ensuring that justice is served for these voiceless victims.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: StooMathiesen


  1. Isn’t it sad we can not allow ourselves to treat others as they have treated those less than themselves? Those who did this action need to have the same done to them. But we are civilized when they are not. Courts don’t even give them prison. Yet they deserve a slow, painful, death as they gave to animals. I used to wonder if this world was really Hell or not. Now I see it is.

  2. There is absolutely no reason for this type of torture the suffering of starvation lack of water shelter these are just basic needs we all must have to survive! Throw the book at this individual no excuses none!

  3. Tucker Thomas Thomas says:


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