Justice for Dogs Reportedly Neglected at Illegal Puppy Farm

Target: Willie Coffey, MP of Kilmarnock and Irvine Valley Constituency, East Ayrshire, Scotland

Goal: Secure stringent legal consequences for those reportedly behind the inhumane puppy farm, ensuring no more animals suffer.

In the quiet of East Ayrshire, a disturbing scene of animal neglect was apparently unearthed at New Intax Farm. Stephen and Hazel Hamilton, the proprietors, now await sentencing for the deplorable conditions in which their animals were reportedly kept. Allegations describe industrial kennels, cramped spaces, and a lack of basic care, painting a grim picture of life on this seemingly illegal puppy farm.

The Hamiltons reportedly ignored both legal rejection of their breeding license and a massive public outcry, evidenced by a 20,000-signature petition. Their actions, or lack thereof, apparently led to dogs suffering from chronic dental diseases, dermatitis, and other painful conditions. Such reported neglect points to a blatant disregard for the welfare of the animals under their charge and the ethical standards expected by society.

Immediate action is crucial. The Hamiltons’ alleged disregard for animal welfare and legal processes calls for a firm legal stance. A strong message must be sent: such cruelty is intolerable. Deliver justice for these defenseless animals and ensure the Hamiltons face the full weight of the law for their alleged misdeeds.


Dear MP Willie Coffey,

The case of Stephen and Hazel Hamilton, and their alleged neglectful operation of an illegal puppy farm, has shocked and dismayed the public. Their farm in East Ayrshire seemingly became a place of suffering for numerous dogs, subject to conditions no living being should endure. The allegations against the Hamiltons, including failing to provide necessary veterinary care and adequate living conditions, reveal a disturbing disregard for animal welfare and the rule of law.

The severity of this case is underscored by the Hamiltons’ apparent defiance of legal authority and public concern, pushing ahead with their breeding program despite clear opposition and a denied license application. Such seemingly brazen actions not only exacerbate the suffering of the animals involved but also set a dangerous precedent if left inadequately addressed.

I, alongside many shocked and concerned citizens, call on you to ensure that the Hamiltons are held fully accountable for their alleged actions. It is imperative that justice be served, not only as retribution for the wrongs allegedly committed but also as a deterrent to any who might consider similar disregard for life and law. We trust in your commitment to justice and the protection of the most vulnerable.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Rhododendrites

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  1. All animals breeders around this world 🌎 should all have a bullet between there eyes cause I hate all damn backyard breeders good are bad can’t stand them bastards

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