Pit Bull Allegedly Shot in Head With 9mm Handgun Deserves Justice

Target: Susan Doyle, District Attorney of Johnston County, North Carolina

Goal: Ensure rigorous prosecution for the alleged felony animal cruelty in Clayton.

In a distressing turn of events, a 39-year-old resident of the Clayton area faces felony animal cruelty charges. This incident allegedly occurred during a domestic disturbance on Caribou Lane. Reports suggest the accused, Katherine Henderson, shot her boyfriend’s pit bull, Nina, in the head with a 9mm handgun. Such an act, if true, stands as a stark reminder of the brutality animals can face in domestic settings.

Upon responding to the disturbance call, deputies reportedly discovered a tragic scene. They reportedly found Nina fatally wounded, and evidence collected included the handgun and over a dozen spent casings. These details, if proven accurate, paint a harrowing picture of the event’s severity. This case, while still under judicial consideration, raises critical concerns about animal safety and the need for stringent legal repercussions against such alleged cruelty.

Addressing this alleged incident requires more than just legal action; it necessitates a societal stand against animal cruelty. Appropriate and rigorous legal action against Henderson, if found guilty, will serve as a deterrent against similar acts of alleged cruelty. Our society must not tolerate such brutality towards animals. Urge the relevant authorities to take this case seriously.


Dear District Attorney Doyle,

I write to you concerning a deeply troubling case of alleged animal cruelty in your jurisdiction. Reports indicate that Katherine Henderson, a Clayton area resident, fatally shot her boyfriend’s dog during a domestic disturbance. The severity of this allegation necessitates your full attention and commitment to ensuring justice is served.

This case, while pending trial, has shocked and distressed the community. The thought of an innocent animal suffering such a violent fate is unbearable. This case mustn’t be treated lightly. I urge you to pursue the most stringent legal action possible, should the allegations prove true. Our community looks to you to uphold justice, especially in cases where the victims cannot speak for themselves.

In conclusion, I, along with many concerned citizens, implore you to ensure that this case is prosecuted with the utmost seriousness. We trust in your commitment to justice and your ability to ensure that if these allegations are true, appropriate legal consequences are enforced. The safety and welfare of animals in our community depend on your actions.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Ildar Sagdejev (Specious)


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