Dogs Who Allegedly Endured Extreme Cold With Little Food and Water Deserve Justice

Target: Stone County, Missouri Prosecutor Wes Weber

Goal: Ensure rigorous prosecution for the alleged animal abuse on Camp Clark Hill Road.

The unsettling discovery of over 50 dogs in allegedly dire conditions has shocked the community. Allegedly, these animals endured extreme cold, with negligible food and water. This revelation demands immediate legal attention to prevent further such incidents. Detailing the alleged abuse, the report describes dogs penned or chained, some tragically deceased. The surviving dogs, now under care in St. Louis, reportedly represent a grim reality of neglect and suffering. This situation necessitates a firm response.

Further details from the Stone County Sheriff’s Department reportedly paint a dismal picture. Allegedly, the animals were left in severe cold, a blatant disregard for their welfare. The Missouri State Humane Society Animal Abuse Task Force intervened, illustrating the severity of the situation. These allegations, if true, reflect a disturbing disregard for animal life and welfare.

This petition seeks to galvanize support for these voiceless victims. The alleged neglect and abuse demand a strong legal response. Implore Prosecutor Wes Weber to pursue this case with the utmost severity.


Dear Prosecutor Wes Weber,

We are deeply troubled by the recent allegations of animal abuse on Camp Clark Hill Road. The details of this case, where over 50 dogs were reportedly found in deplorable conditions, have prompted us to seek your intervention. These allegations, if substantiated, suggest a severe breach of animal welfare laws.

The accounts of animals enduring extreme cold, with little sustenance, are alarming. We urge you to consider the gravity of these allegations. The community relies on your office to uphold justice, particularly in cases where the victims cannot speak for themselves. The alleged conditions discovered by the Stone County Sheriff’s Department are nothing short of appalling.

In light of these disturbing allegations, we implore you to pursue this case vigorously. The well-being of animals in our community is a paramount concern. We trust that your office will act decisively to ensure that justice is served. The community looks to you to uphold the law and protect those who cannot protect themselves.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Barbara Eckstein

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  1. Then take care of don’t let the bastard get away with cause there guilty of animals abuse

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