Justice for Over 30 Dogs Allegedly Left Malnourished by Animal Rescuer

Target: Audrey Gossett Louis, Atascosa County District Attorney, Texas, US

Goal: Ensure legal accountability for the alleged abuse and maltreatment of over 30 dogs in Poteet, Texas.

In Poteet, Texas, a disquieting scene unfolded as authorities reportedly discovered over 30 malnourished dogs in deplorable conditions. Reportedly chained and living amongst refuse, these animals allegedly suffered at a property just north of the town. Allegations suggest Patricia Stone, claiming to be an animal rescuer, was responsible for their care. The dogs’ gaunt appearances and the squalid surroundings allegedly imply neglect and mistreatment.

The Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office, following a report of animal abuse, took action. They rescued the dogs, now receiving necessary medical care. Stone, allegedly squatting on the property, faces accusations of animal abuse. These allegations raise serious concerns about the well-being of animals under her care. The stark contrast between her self-described role and the animals’ condition is deeply troubling.

This case demands attention and action. The animals’ suffering, reportedly evident in their emaciated bodies and the squalor they were found in, necessitates a legal response. Stand for the voiceless and demand justice.


Dear District Attorney Audrey Gossett Louis,

I am writing to you about a deeply disturbing situation in Poteet, Texas, involving over 30 allegedly malnourished dogs. These animals, allegedly under the care of Patricia Stone, were found in a shocking state of neglect. As the person responsible for upholding justice in Atascosa County, I implore you to take decisive action in this matter.

The conditions these dogs were found in, as reported by the Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office, are unacceptable. Dogs allegedly chained and living amongst trash, visibly malnourished, and neglected raise serious concerns about animal welfare in our community. This situation, as alleged, constitutes a severe breach of both legal and moral responsibilities towards animals. The community trusts you to ensure justice is served in such egregious cases of animal mistreatment.

Therefore, I respectfully demand a thorough investigation and appropriate legal action against those allegedly responsible for this cruelty. It is essential that our legal system sends a clear message: animal abuse and neglect are serious offenses that will not be tolerated. We owe it to these animals to ensure their suffering is not in vain and that justice prevails.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Dey Alexander


  1. Life time ban on animal ownership and a very hefty fine for this fake animal rescuer!

  2. Put the bitch 10 feet under ground

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